About To Scare This Guy Off For Good. How Do I Relax?

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About To Scare This Guy Off For Good. How Do I Relax?

Permit the relationship to naturally evolve.

Feeling exceptionally good about this guy right now, doesn’t mean that it persists.

We get carried away sometimes when we meet someone that we like wholeheartedly.

We are texting and calling them incessantly, feverishly wanting to hear from them.

This is where you scare him off for good.

So how do you relax?


No, seriously.


Take a moment to ask yourself about how much you authentically know this guy.

There isn’t much you know, is there?

This is where you relax.

Taking the time to become well-acquainted with this person is your best option.

The benefits of having this patience is immense.

Why risk diving into a committed relationship with someone you don’t comfortably know?

Why make yourself so vulnerable?

Recognize the benefits of being patient.

Being patient keeps you from jumping into conclusions and making assumptions of how this relationship is going to be.

It gives you greater latitude to experience more of this person’s character and time to come to terms with your own emotions and calm them down.

Why move too quickly and scare him away right now?

What is the benefit of that to you?

What is the hurry?

Is he a temporary robot that has a stamp of expiration on him?

Is he on sale and you must buy now before the weekend ends?

Why the hurry?

Once there is true chemistry between two people, they are inclined to explore it further.

He isn’t going anywhere.

Think back to your past relationships.

What happened to those relationships when you moved too fast?

How long did those relationships last and how healthy were they?

They probably weren’t healthy nor long-lasting.

Use your past relationships as your warning to not rush into a relationship.

Remember, chemistry is potent.

As long as you are experiencing it with this guy, he has no reason to go anywhere.

Step back and relax.

To keep you from being too clingy, get busy doing various activities of interest in your life.

Take a class or volunteer your time to help others.

This is how you bring new priorities and people in your life.

Once this is introduced in your life, your mind is preoccupied, facilitating a slow down with this guy, as you let this relationship develop with a measured approach.

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