About To Scare This Guy Off For Good. How Do I Relax?

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About To Scare This Guy Off For Good. How Do I Relax?

You should let the relationship evolve naturally.

Understand that just because you feel really good about this guy right now doesn’t mean that it will always be this way.

We can get carried away sometimes when we meet someone that we really like.

We start texting and calling them incessantly because we just want to hear from them.

You need to understand that taking the time to get to know this person better and allowing this relationship to develop naturally is your best option.

Understand the benefits of doing this.

Would you want to just jump right into a committed relationship with someone who ultimately shows you that they weren’t who you thought they were?

Why would you want to make yourself so vulnerable?

You should simply try to project in your mind and see the benefits of being patient.

Being patient keeps you from jumping into conclusions and making assumptions of how this relationship is going to be.

Being patient gives you more of an opportunity to experience more of this person’s character.

Being patient gives you the time to come to terms with your own emotions and calm them down.

All these are beneficial to you.

Just think about it for a moment.

Why move too quickly and possibly scare him away right now? What is the benefit of that to you? What is the hurry?

Is he a temporary robot that has some kind of time stamp of expiration on him?

Is he on sale and thereby you must buy now before the weekend ends?

Again, why the hurry?

If the both of you have true chemistry, this interaction will persist.

This is what you should be hoping for.

An interaction that persists bodes well for the future.

It means that if the both of you were to enter an exclusive relationship, you would have the best opportunity of making that relationship last.

Think back to your past relationships.

What happened to those relationships when you moved too fast?

Did the guys leave out of fear?

Did they get into a relationship with you anyway only to break up with you a few months later?

Your past experiences can actually help you realize the harm in trying to force a relationship to happen too soon.

If there is chemistry with this guy right now, it is likely to be there a month or two from now as long as the both of you maintain steady communication.

Hence, just try to take a step back and relax.

Start occupying a decent amount of your time performing other activities that you enjoy.

You can start learning something new about the world.

Take a class of some kind.

Volunteer your time to help others.

Just start doing things that will take up a good amount of your time.

This will allow you to think about this guy less.

This means that you will be able to relax, give the interaction some healthy distance and let it unfold in a natural way.

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