How Long Should You Give Someone To Commit To A Relationship Before Moving On?

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How Long Should You Give Someone To Commit To A Relationship Before Moving On?

You shouldn’t force what may not be there at this point in time.

If this person hasn’t been showing an interest in being committed to a relationship, putting pressure on them would only exacerbate the situation.

You would force them into taking an action that they may not necessarily want to do.

If they decide to be with you in a committed relationship because you were forcing the issue, they wouldn’t enter the committed relationship willingly.

This becomes a problem as time goes on because they will have moments where they are simply not as engaged in the relationship as you are.

They would do things with you simply because they have to as opposed to because they want to.

They would be dishonest about their feelings every time you told them that you loved them and they replied likewise.

In other words, you wouldn’t be in a real relationship, you would be in a fabricated one.

You really have to pay attention to this.

Oftentimes, as human beings, we can become so engrossed in getting what we want out of someone that we forget that a true relationship is a two way street.

The other person has to truly feel the same way for it to work.

They have to commit to a relationship because they wholeheartedly want to and not because they felt that they had to or else.

Temper your eagerness in this regard.

You don’t want it to lead to a much worse place.

Now, if you have been dating this person for a while and they have repeatedly stated that they would like to get into a committed relationship in the future but they keep delaying it, this is a problem.

They may be telling you all this just so that they can keep you around and string you along.

The best way to tell that they are stringing you along and have no intention to ever be in a committed relationship is when you observe that they rarely try to make plans for the future.

They are always living in the now.

They will also find ways to avoid meeting your family or even interacting with your friends on a regular basis.

They essentially minimize the amount of contact they have with anyone that is important to you outside of your relationship with them.

They may even minimize the amount of contact they let you have with their own family and friends.

This is a very strong sign that they don’t see a future with you.

They don’t want to put themselves around people you care about because they know that those people will eventually start asking about your relationship and whether the both of you will take the next step and become committed.

Their own family and friends would ask this question as well with enough exposure to the both of you. Hence, they keep these exposures and interactions at a minimum.

This is how you know that this person is not serious at all about entering a committed relationship.

At this point, you may want to move on.

Try not to look at this in a negative sense.

Not everyone you love and want to be in a committed relationship with is necessarily going to feel or want the same.

Understand that you can move on with your life in a positive way and still find someone who truly wants to commit to you.

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