I Think My Girlfriend Is Bored Of Me. What Should I Do To Get Her Back To How It Was Before?

Get out of your comfort zone and do something with your girlfriend that the two of you haven’t done before, in new adventures.

I Think My Girlfriend Is Bored Of Me. What Should I Do To Get Her Back To How It Was Before?So many relationships reach a point where boredom sets in.

This is when the partners are too complacent in their roles.

They are so comfortable with each other, they ignore the priority of keeping their relationship fresh and interesting.

When you are dating someone, it matters to never take your partner for granted.

Taking your partner for granted entices you to stop making the relationship interesting, as you get too comfortable.

The truth is, there is so much to learn about your partner.

Being in a relationship with them doesn’t mean that you know them fully.

Ask her questions about herself you never have and share information about yourself to her that you never have.

New details learned about each other adds depth to your relationship that alleviates boredom.

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Take the time to do new activities in your relationship.

Set up a schedule.

Plan stuff out.

Do your research.

What have you guys not done yet?

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Have you been on a road trip, camping, hiking, dancing, traveled, taken a class together, etc.

There are so many options for fun activities.

Introducing these activities into your relationship relights the spark so that you get your girlfriend back to how she felt about the relationship before.

Your girlfriend has to be a keen participant in this.

It is inconsequential to introduce new activities in your relationship with the goal of reinvigorating it, when your girlfriend isn’t a motivated participant.

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She has to be ready to partake in new activities with you and suggest new activities herself.

A relationship works as a partnership.

A healthy relationship doesn’t happen when the effort is coming from one partner.

Your girlfriend has to be applying the same or close to the same amount of energy that you are to inject new life into this relationship and return the spark.

Relieve the boredom in this relationship by making new friends.

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As people, we get so used to being with the same social circle, we stick to it.

The familiar is safe.

This mindset has to change.

Meet and familiarize yourself with new people.

When you bring new people into the relationship, it gives your relationship a new dynamic.

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It makes it a lot more multidimensional than what it was previously.

This is good, being that you learn about these new people and pick up on new activity ideas from them.

You hear opinions from them about different topics from a fresh angle.

This makes you two look at life enlightened.

In stepping out of your normal comfort zone with your usual social circle, you step into a whole new world filled with new friends.

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This infuses a new form of energy into the relationship that gets rid of the boredom.

Remember, for this to work, you two have to work at this, not solely you.

Though your girlfriend is bored of you, she bears a responsibility to keep your relationship fresh and fun, as you do.

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