How Do I Transition This Friendship Into A Relationship?

Transitioning a friendship into a relationship calls for unambiguity and straightforwardness about what you are feeling for this person.

How Do I Transition This Friendship Into A Relationship?Procrastinating in informing this person about how you feel works against you.

It leads to doubt.

Negative thoughts dominate your consciousness, as you question everything.

You are so worried about how your friend reacts to informing them about your intention, you end up not saying anything.

A straightforward approach is ignored, and you are now sending weak signals at them, hoping they pick up on your romantic intentions.

You don’t get yourself to a relationship through guesswork.

Your friend doesn’t read minds.

Your friend isn’t going to understand the weak signs that you are sending them.

Listen, take a good look at how you have approached this entire relationship.

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How did you do it?

What impression did you give this person about your intentions?

A platonic approach sets the expectations that a platonic relationship is what you wanted.

Don’t expect this person to suddenly go from friend mode to relationship mode when the impression that they have had in this relationship has been that of friendship.

You have to change that impression in order to effect a change.

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Transitioning your friendship into a relationship requires that you are up front.

Don’t stop yourself from doing this out of fear.

Creating stories in your head about the outcome is to your detriment.

You don’t know how they respond.

Whether they agree to do it or not, your friendship isn’t in trouble.

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As long as you handle the possibility of rejection with class and move forward with the friendship without any hard feelings, your friendship survives without a hitch.

Transitioning a friendship into a relationship is asking your friend out on a real date.

This isn’t a platonic meeting.

It’s a real date and your friend must know it is.

This approach sends the message that this isn’t any ordinary meeting.

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It has romantic connotations.

Be candid with them that it is a romantic date.

The onus is on them to agree to it or not.

Not agreeing to it is your message that they aren’t interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you, and that’s okay.

Don’t freak out.

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Be polite and accept their decision.

At least, you made your move and now you know.

No more mental gymnastics about what to do about your romantic feelings for them.

It has been decided.

Agreeing to the romantic date is your cue that your friend is interested in you romantically.

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Beware, it isn’t a slam dunk.

How you communicate and share time together has to change in some aspects to improve the odds that romance flourishes.

Flirt and touch.

Platonic conversation has to transition to romantic conversation.

Platonic touching has to transition to sensual touching.

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Doing this changes the nature of your relationship from platonic to romantic.

Without doing this, the platonic nature of your relationship doesn’t change and it isn’t long before someone gives up on romance due to a lack of romantic chemistry.

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