How Do I Transition This Friendship Into A Relationship?

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How Do I Transition This Friendship Into A Relationship?

Let them know how you feel.

It is that simple.

The biggest mistake that people make in this situation is procrastination and allowing doubt to impede their judgment.

Negative thoughts dominate their consciousness.

They become so worried about how their friend would react to them that they simply say nothing.

Instead, they start trying to send weak signals of romantic interest.

This isn’t going to help you in the slightest.

You can’t get yourself to a relationship through guesswork.

Your friend can’t read minds.

Your friend isn’t going to understand the weak signs that you are sending them.

Listen, you should take a good look at how you have approached this entire relationship.

How did you start it?

What impression did you give this person about your intentions?

You can’t expect this person to suddenly go from friend mode to relationship mode if the impression that they have always had in this relationship is that of friendship.

You will have to actually change that impression in order to effect any kind of change.

Hence, this is one of the most effective ways of transitioning your friendship into a relationship.

Be up front and honest about how you feel and let them know that.

Again, don’t stop yourself from doing this out of fear.

All you will get out of that is failure.

You will only continue to be around this friend hoping against hope that they will read all of the romantic signs that you are sending their way.

Unfortunately, they will rarely be able to do this because they think that you see them as a friend.

Your friend can’t read minds.

Tell them the truth about your feelings for them and give them the opportunity to decide if they want to pursue a relationship or not.

To transition this friendship into a relationship, you can also ask this person out.

Yes, ask them out on an actual date.

It would have to be different.

You would have to convey the impression that this isn’t a normal friendship or hang out date.

Simply tell them that you would like to take them out on an official date.

They may ask you what kind of date it is.

Be honest and let them know that it is a romantic date.

At that point, if they have issue with that, they will let you know.

However, if they are fine with that, they may get excited and ask for more details about the date.

Now, you have conveyed the message that you are interested in them romantically and they get the point.

This is you being assertive and clear about your intentions.

This has to be your goal.

Clarity and assertiveness.

If you are to get this transition, there can be no ambiguity.

This person has to be sure of your intention.

It is very important that you take this approach.

As I stated earlier, this is usually where people in your position fail.

Instead of being clear and assertive about their intentions, they keep trying to send weak signals that are not being understood by the other person.

This ultimately leads them to more pain and frustration.

Don’t be that person.

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