Is There Anything Ethically Wrong With Rejecting A Girl Because I Don’t Find Her Pretty Or Beautiful Enough?

There isn’t anything ethnically wrong about it, as long as you are honest about the fact that you aren’t interested in her, and you don’t lead her on.

Is There Anything Ethically Wrong With Rejecting A Girl Because I Don't Find Her Pretty Or Beautiful Enough?You are attracted to who you are attracted to.

It would be worse if you hadn’t rejected her and started dating her, only to break her heart later, having chosen to date her out of pity or convenience.

You are the judge of your own character and what it is that makes you attracted to a girl.

She is in charge of her own feelings and how she looks at herself.

All that is within your power is your forthrightness about your legitimate feelings, steering clear of giving her the impression that there is a chance for romance.

This is where you are rejecting her improperly, insinuating that there is the possibility for romance in the foreseeable future.

This leads her on, giving her false hope, and this is wrong.

She knows that there is going to be a risk of rejection whenever she likes a guy.

No one is above rejection.

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Her look is not going to appeal to every single guy in the world.

Different guys like different looks.

She has to be the one who understands and accepts that.

You are not obligated to make her feel better about herself by choosing to date her.

Doing this is much worse than rejecting her outright.

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Basically, you are making her think she has won you over or has a chance with you.

The reality is, you know that this won’t last and you don’t like her.

This is a waste of your time and hers.

In lieu of leading her on, tell her the truth about how you feel about her.

Don’t be rude and insulting.

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You don’t have to tell her that she is unattractive to you, or that you don’t ever see a world where you are dating a girl that looks like her.

Be civil and polite in how you reject her.

She is in charge of how she handles the rejection.

You are not the chaperone of her heart, she is.

She will have to handle the news in her own way.

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This is part of the dating and relationship dynamic.

There is a risk of rejection in relationships and love.

The onus is on her to handle rejection with maturity.

You already know what you are attracted to in terms of a girl’s looks.

Even though you don’t find her pretty or beautiful, it doesn’t mean that another guy won’t.

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You aren’t the judge of how appealing she is to the male population at large.

You can only judge her looks based on what you uniquely find pretty or beautiful in a girl.

With this in mind, avoid putting the weight of the world on your shoulders, worried that you would be doing something ethically wrong in rejecting a girl that you don’t find pretty or beautiful.

Rather, your sole role is to be clear and respectful about your disinterest in her.

This keeps her from getting the wrong idea and being led on.

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When you are this candid and direct in a situation like this, you improve the odds that you get to meet the girls that you do find pretty or beautiful in the foreseeable future.

You won’t get caught in the trap of constantly having to get out of situations where you are courting girls you aren’t attracted to.

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