How Do Girls Feel About Being Approached In Public?

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How Do Girls Feel About Being Approached In Public?

Most girls want to be approached. Most girls welcome it.

They know how the dating game works.

They understand that the male is typically the aggressor when it comes to approaching and taking out a girl.

Hence, they have no real issues with being approached in public.

However, they do have issue if the guy is being rude, disrespectful or is simply not taking the hint that they are not interested.

This is where a lot of guys do this all wrong.

They will approach the girl in public and speak in a rude or abrasive manner as though they are owed the girl’s attention.

They will ask the girl inappropriate questions or make inappropriate comments.

They will refuse to leave the girl alone after she has clearly shown that she has no interest in furthering the discussion.

This is why you may see women in public often somewhat aloof.

They will avoid eye contact with guys and even act as though these men aren’t around them.

This is not because she is against being approached.

It is normally because she may have had these kind of negative experiences with men before in public.

She may not want to put herself in the position where she gets the wrong kind of attention from the wrong guy.

Unfortunately, this is where the decent guys who would approach her with respect get discouraged.

They notice this body language and think that the girl simply doesn’t want to be approached.

She does want to be approached and if she is single, even more so.

However, she just doesn’t want to be approached by a guy who will be rude and unwillingly to take a hint.

She doesn’t want to experience that.

Whenever you see girls in public who may not appear approachable, try to think about that.

Try to understand that it may have nothing to do with not wanting to get approached and more to do with not wanting to get approached in the wrong way.

If you are respectful and kind in your approach, most girls will be flattered that you approached them even if they may ultimately turn you down.

You have to understand that the average girl gets approached a lot more than the average guy.

They have had to put up with a lot.

They have had to deal with guys who simply didn’t know how to do it.

These guys may use those brash methods because they believe that it is what works.

They may believe that boldly calling out to a woman by a generic name is what she would respond to.

Perhaps these men have had some degree of success in doing that in the past.

However, it isn’t the way most women want to be treated in public.

They want to be treated with respect.

They want to get the sense that you have some degree of class and social etiquette.

This is their biggest concern when they are in public.

The approach is not the problem.

It is the manner in which they are approached.

If you approach girls in a respectful manner in public, they will welcome your approach and may give you a chance.

Several will sense your sincerity and will feel a stronger inclination to give you an opportunity to show them more about who you are and what you are about.

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