He Hates To Kiss And How To Fix It?

He Hates To Kiss And How To Fix It?

Fixing this requires true and dedicated patience.

Commonly, there are psychological aspects involved when a guy hates to kiss that need to be considered.

Kissing is a powerful sign of intimacy and there are guys who have significant problems with intimacy.

They feel inadequate expressing it, as it doesn’t feel right to them.

It’s not the physical act of kissing itself, more so the level of intimacy that comes with it.

There is a good chance that this is not the only area of concern with him.

You have found that he isn’t that affectionate with you in general.

He doesn’t want to hold you as much or have more substantial conversations with you that address his feelings.

It’s not about hating to kiss.

Hating intimacy or a fear of it is at the heart of this.

Figure out what this guy’s history has been like.

Has he had healthy past relationships?

Has intimacy in his past relationships been a constant?

It is tempting to blame yourself, but this goes a lot deeper.

Intimacy and expressing his feelings in general have a direct correlation.

Where they are both deficient, he is inherently to blame.

To get over this hurdle, make him feel comfortable.

Give him a a sense of comfort whenever you are around him.

Let him know that you are there for him without judgment.

Do not be afraid to show him your flaws while also showing a strong inclination to overcome them.

Let him see both your strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t force him to become more forthright, prematurely causing him to feel a sense of pressure.

When there is a lack of excessive pressure, opening himself up happens naturally.

As mentioned earlier, this requires patience.

In responding to your efforts, you soon realize that he no longer hates kissing, now more open to you and to intimacy.

He knows himself better and is comfortable.

Sometimes, a bad past relationship experience makes a guy closed off to kissing.

As long as you get him to feel secure around you, he discovers that he actually does like kissing after all.

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