Should You Sit Down And Talk With The Person Who Cheated On You Years Passed?

Should You Sit Down And Talk With The Person Who Cheated On You Years Passed?

Sitting down and talking to the person who cheated on you years ago has to be approached with care.

An intent to be civil, sit and have a conversation isn’t harmful.

On the other hand, wondering whether this is a person you want back in your life is a totally different matter.

Firstly, ask yourself why you are considering having this person who cheated on you in the past, back in your life.

You are considering it and not aware of it, thinking about your past relationship and remembering the good times.

The good times seem to outweigh the bad times.

A lack of a current relationship or having experienced worse relationships since, has you thinking that things weren’t so bad when you were with the person who cheated on you.

This is how your mind works.

Mentally, you are in a relatively vulnerable state.

Your best bet is to take a step back and really think about what your state of mind is.

You notice that you are desperate, angry, needy or frustrated.

Wanting to fill a void in your life right now and thinking that this person who cheated on you in the past has changed, your train of thought is now your worst enemy.

Be fully aware of your thoughts so you aren’t tempted to jump into anything ill-advised.

Sitting with this person that cheated on you in the past calls for a frame of mind that isn’t misguided or skewed.

Stay clearheaded and know exactly what you want or don’t want out of this.

An awareness and alertness about your emotions is needed.

A talk that gets some unfinished business off your chest in regards to that past relationship, is a sit down that gives you greater clarity and closure.

Don’t jump into anything that you are not truly ready for or that you haven’t thought through.

Getting caught up in how good things are going as you both talk to each other at the meeting is deceiving.

It takes you back to old times.

You get lost in all the good moments that are coming back to memory, blinded to the reality of how the relationship ended.

You need to be as controlled and clear-minded as possible to keep from immediately falling right back into a relationship with this person, who has yet to prove that they have changed from the cheat they once were.


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