Does Your Girlfriend Have The Right To Know About Your Past Relationships?

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Does Your Girlfriend Have The Right To Know About Your Past Relationships?

To an extent, yes.

If your girlfriend were to ask you questions about your past relationships that were relatively harmless, answering those questions is the right thing to do.

If you were to keep refusing to talk about anything concerning your past relationships, she may think you are hiding something.

Remember that your girlfriend doesn’t know you all that well.

She didn’t grow up with you.

She hasn’t been your friend for eons.

In the end, she is trying to get to know you.

A big part of trying to get to know someone is finding out about their past relationships.

Again, as long as she doesn’t ask you to the point of wanting to know every little detail, you should divulge some information.

It’s important to divulge some information because the more you are tight-lipped about this, the more she will doubt the relationship that you two are currently in.

If you put her in a position where she is asking more questions pertaining to a certain topic than getting answers, you are putting her in a position of doubt.

Once a partner starts feeling doubt in a relationship, they begin to lose their trust for their partner.

A loss of trust for a partner is a major factor. In essence, trust in a relationship is a crucial part of how well that relationship develops.

Your partner has to trust you.

They have to feel like they can tell you almost anything if not anything.

They have to feel like you will also be honest and true about yourself and what you are all about.

When you have a problem with letting her know some facets of your past relationships, you force her to begin to create stories in her mind.

Once this begins, it can be very difficult to stop.

She will begin to create stories about what your past relationships must have been like.

Due to the fact that you have not been forthright about these past relationships, she may start visualizing abuse or even cheating on your part.

Again, these are all stories in her head that she may honestly extinguish moments after they form.

However, they will form again and again and again.

The more unwilling you are to talk about your past relationships in any capacity, the more potent these images will become over time.

Ultimately, she may form an entire opinion about you based on those images.

That opinion would not be positive.

This will then affect your current relationship.

Due to her decreasing sense of trust in the relationship, she may not believe you when you tell her that you are simply going to hang out with your friends.

She may believe something else. Also, she may not believe you when you tell her that you love her.

All she may think is, “Well, if he loves me so much, why does he hide his past from me?

Doesn’t he trust me?”

At this point, it gets harder to win that trust back.

No matter what you tell her, once you have allowed too much time to elapse due to your lack of openness about your past relationships, she may simply find it impossible to trust anything that you say.

Again, a simple visit with your friends may be interpreted as you surreptitiously meeting up with a past girlfriend.

A simple message to a girl you know on social media could mean that you may be talking to that girl on the side.

She could essentially become paranoid with worry, leaving her to interpret anything mundane that you do as a sign of trouble.

You do not have to give her every detail about your past relationships or even completely divulge on whatever she may ask.

However, you should give her something.

Stick to what you are comfortable telling and try to be as sincere as possible.

As long as she sees that you are letting her in on some information, she may be fine with that and ultimately focus on your relationship again.

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  1. Just read the article about if a guy should ask about a woman’s past and it says you shouldn’t but if a guy is asked about his past it’s better he does speak up. The most BS I ever read. If you have a true bond and you’re best friends with your mate you should be able to say anything without them judging you. Being the BF or GF. Keep everything honest and you should go a long way.

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