Can Men Settle With One Girl?

Can Men Settle With One Girl?


If the guy really likes the girl and feels great whenever he is around her, he would be much more prone to wanting to settle with her.

The key here is that you shouldn’t try to force the guy to get to this point.

This is the mistake that so many girls make when it comes to the guy that they are in a relationship with or desire.

They put so much emphasis in wanting that guy to be with them and only them that they become too needy or clingy.

Sometimes, they even start trying to do too much just to get the guy to like them so much that they settle.

This is the wrong approach.

A man would be more prone to settle with one girl when he feels that the one girl won’t be a burden to him.

He doesn’t want to feel as though he constantly has to lift her spirits or give her attention just to make her happy.

He doesn’t want to have the burden of being the one that determines how her mood is from day to day.

It is this kind of feeling that will easily make a guy look to some other girl.

This is why you should never start acting as though you are desperately in need of this guy’s attention.

In fact, you will have a much better impact on this guy when he feels as though you have a really full life of your own and you are your own person.

When a guy can sense just how rich of a life you have, it makes him want to be a part of it more and more.

It makes him so excited to be around you because he wouldn’t know quite what to expect from day to day.

It also allows him to discover new things about life that he was unaware of.

All because of the amount of richness and excitement that your life has.

On the flip side, if your life was all about him and just wanting to be with him at every waking moment, you would literally make this guy feel trapped.

Again, this is a trap that so many girls fall into when they really like a guy and want him to settle with just her.

They want to spend all their time with him to the point where he starts becoming irritated.

At this point, he will want to see you less and you may notice that he won’t contact you as much or do activities with you as much.

This is why you should be very cognizant of your behavior and the impression that you are making on him.

You want this guy to get excited about you.

You want him to think of you and have a thrill.

He can only get to this point if you show him just how much of a catch you are by having such an incredible life.

This is what draws him to you.

This is what sets you apart from so many other girls.

This is one of the best ways to get him to settle with that one special girl which is you.


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