If You Are In A Relationship, Is It Okay To Talk To The Other Sex Just As Friends?

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If You Are In A Relationship, Is It Okay To Talk To The Other Sex Just As Friends?

If you are in a relationship, it is okay to talk to the other sex just as friends.

The problem arises if you start paying more attention to the other sex than you are to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You should be able to know the difference between friends and potential dates.

There is a way that you will communicate with the other sex as friends that must remain platonic.

You shouldn’t be spending more time with the other sex than you are with your partner.

This is where you really need to very careful about how you approach this.

The problem with doing this even if you think that they are just friends is that your partner will start feeling neglected.

If your partner is feeling neglected, they may get angry or even start doing the same to you, just to make you see how it feels.

This is how they feel that they can get back at you.

Yes, they may start talking to the other sex as well because they are upset with you.

They may start it innocently just to get back at you but then they could fall for someone else in the process.

Once this happens, your relationship is in turmoil.

Hence, a good rule to follow is, don’t do anything in your relationship to your partner that you wouldn’t want your partner to do to you.

If you wouldn’t like it if your partner spent more time talking to the other sex than you, then you shouldn’t do that to your partner.

Hence, you should be considerate.

You should always know when to draw the line and allow your partner to see that they are the priority in your life.

You should also be honest with your partner about what you are doing.

If you try talking to the other sex but only do it behind your partner’s back, that will upset your partner and make them feel like you may be cheating or doing something dishonest.

You should always be open and honest to your partner.

This is one of the keys to having a successful relationship.

This is also how you continue to build trust within a relationship.

Trust is a major factor in relationships.

As long as there is solid trust in a relationship, you will never feel the need to hide the fact that you may be talking to the opposite sex on a friendship basis.

This is crucial.

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