If You Are In A Relationship, Is It Okay To Talk To The Other Sex Just As Friends?

If You Are In A Relationship, Is It Okay To Talk To The Other Sex Just As Friends?

It is okay to talk to the other sex just as friends when you are in a relationship.

The problem arises in paying more attention to the other sex than you are to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You know the difference between friends and potential dates.

Communicating with the other sex as friends has to be done with respect, so that it remains platonic.

Keep from spending more time with the other sex than you do with your partner.

Strictly keeping it platonic with these friends of the other sex, doesn’t keep your partner from feeling neglected, when you are overdoing it.

A partner who is feeling neglected, gets angry or does the same to you, just to make you see how it feels.

This is how they get back at you.

Upset at you, they talk to the other sex too.

An intention to get back at you is their initial goal, but then they fall for someone else in the process.

Once this happens, your relationship is in turmoil.

A good rule to follow is, don’t do anything in your relationship to your partner that you don’t want your partner to do to you.

Would you be okay with your partner spending more time talking to the other sex than you?


Then you don’t do that to your partner.

This is being considerate.

You know when to draw the line and get your partner to see that they are the priority in your life.

Be transparent with your partner about what you are doing.

Choosing to talk to the other sex but doing it behind your partner’s back so as not to upset your partner has an adverse effect, drawing your behavior into suspicion and now, your partner distresses that you are cheating.

No hiding or sneakiness.

A successful relationship is built on trust.

As long as there is solid trust in a relationship, you never feel the need to hide the fact that you are talking to the opposite sex on a friendship basis.

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