Found Out The Girl You Like Has A Crush On Someone Else. What Do You Do?

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Found Out The Girl You Like Has A Crush On Someone Else. What Do You Do?

Finding out the girl you like has a crush on someone else isn’t a conundrum.

You let her go.

Yes, that means move on.

A lot of times, a guy is in a scenario like this and convinces himself that somehow he has to win her over.

That natural desire for victory over someone else comes into play.

That notion is a waste of time in a situation like this.

Her heart and mind at this moment belongs to someone else.

It is yearning for someone else and you are not in the picture.

Moving forward, your objective must be to take whatever energy you have at the moment and invest it in finding someone else, as you are not her crush for a reason.

You have never made a definitive move on her and now you have to wrestle with the dour consequences of not being proactive.

Here is where you learn a life lesson.

When you like someone and they are available, waste no time.

Make a move before someone else gets in the picture and robs you of your prize.

How many times did you talk to your crush in the past?

Once, twice, never?

How often did you talk yourself out of it?

How many times did you watch her walk across the room and look away, losing your opportunity to initiate a conversation with her.

Well, that ship has sailed, at least for now.

This is a life lesson that is to your benefit, teaching you about the benefit of being proactive so that you don’t repeat the same mistake in the future.

Yes, a bitter pill to swallow but no one said life was fair.

Move on from this.

Stop daydreaming about her.

Commence living a life of courage and purpose.

Keep a look out for the next girl that catches your eye.

Whether that next girl shows up today, tomorrow, next week, or whenever, go up to her and talk.

Yes, talk.

Get a conversation going.

This is your next challenge.

You move on from here and not look back.

This crush was what you wanted but there are others.

Expunge the idea that she was your soulmate and there is no other.

That isn’t ever true.

Open your mind to other romantic prospects to keep from expending precious energy and time on a crush that doesn’t like you back.

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