Am I Falling Into A Relationship?

Am I Falling Into A Relationship?

It is conceivable that you are falling into a relationship.

Contemplating about whether you are falling into a relationship is often an indication that you are.

Some people fall into a relationship without realizing it and are taken by surprise.

You have camaraderie with someone else and develop a platonic relationship.

You hang out together.

They are your go-to person.

Strictly speaking, let’s say, a friend is suddenly unavailable for a social event and you need someone else to replace them at short notice, guess who you are asking?

How about having lunches together?

That’s happening too.

It’s just friendship.

Oh so it appears.

One day you ask yourself whether you are falling into a relationship.

You miss them when they are unavailable to hang out.

You realize that you think of them incessantly during the day and when you think about this “friend,” they put a smile on your face.

Now, you speculate, what is this?

Am I falling into a relationship?

Yes, you are.

Doing so at a subconscious level.

You don’t realize what you are doing, as it takes you by surprise.

Whenever you find yourself eschewing time with your girls or your boys, preferring instead to hang out with your “friend,” you have now crossed over into a romantic space.

This is no longer about friendship.

This is about much more.

When you receive a message from them, how do you feel?

Do you get excited?

Bubbling with anticipation, waiting to open up that text and find out what they have to say has you in a frenzy

Does your heart beat ever so fast?

Do you feel yourself trembling just a little bit out of nerves but also out of excitement?

There is a moment when you have crossed over from the platonic to the romantic.

That moment occurred when you were no longer pleased with finishing your day without hearing your “friend’s” voice at the other end of the phone or receiving some form of contact from them.

You are indeed falling into a relationship and you have probably been in it for while.

Recognize these moments so that you are aware of where you are at mentally with this person.

In order not to get too far ahead of yourself, quell your emotions so that they don’t overtake what the other person is feeling by miles.

By barreling too far ahead in your emotions, the other person never catches up.


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