He Doesn’t Compliment Me Ever. Does He Even Like Me?

If he never compliments you and you are wondering if he likes you, he just might.

However, there are guys who will act like they don’t care about a girl much in order to make her feel insecure. There are guys who play this game.

They will essentially refrain from complimenting the girl in order to ensure that she keeps thinking about them. She thinks about them wondering why she is not being complimented.

This scenario puts the guy in the driver’s seat.

He realizes that he can maintain control of the relationship by simply keeping her from hearing what she wants to hear.

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This can seem cruel but this method does work for a lot of guys. If he is refraining from complimenting you, there is a chance that he does like you but is playing the game.

He knows he is winning when he sees the effect that he is having on you. You want to hear from him more. You want him to smile at you. You want him to say a kind word to you.

You want him to acknowledge you. You want more and more from him and he continues to deprive you.

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Again, it is a very powerful and effective game that guys who are quite good at getting girls tend to play because it simply works.

You have to ask yourself if you like him enough to allow yourself to continue going through this. You have to ask yourself if getting a compliment from him is even worth all the hassle that you are going through.

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If it isn’t, you are better off not getting involved.

The unfortunate truth of a lot of guys who use this method is that they tend to be more into the game than the actual girl. Even if they ultimately end up dating you or being with you, they will have full control of your emotions while in the relationship.

They know that they can manipulate those emotions the way they did before you two officially started dating. You have to ask yourself if being in that vulnerable position is worth it.

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