The Guy I Was Seeing Didn’t Want To Commit, So I Left, And Now He Wants Me Back?

He Wants Me Back

This happens.

A guy wants a girl back after she leaves.

He was coasting when you were seeing him, assuming that you would tolerate not getting commitment from him.

Once you put your foot down and left, he was somewhat shocked.

He thought he would be fine.

All he needed to do was move on to another girl.

He hasn’t had success in doing that.

Whatever girl he has been with since you left hasn’t matched up to you.

He lied to himself, making himself believe that he doesn’t need you nor miss you.

It worked for a while, as he distracted himself by going out with his friends and flirting with new girls, possibly sleeping with a few of them.

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None of it worked.

The realization that you are irreplaceable has hit him.

Having taken you for granted while he was seeing you, he has been incapable of getting you out of his mind ever since you left him.

That has led to where you are today.

He wants you back.

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Out of nowhere, he is suddenly calling and texting you with frenetic frequency, turning on the charm, telling you about how amazing you are and how much he misses you.

This is his desperation talking.

He wants to get back to how it was when he was seeing you.

Be careful you don’t fall for what he is doing.

Being that he is desperate, he is pulling out every trick from his repertoire.

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He got you to like him once, and he is hoping to get you to like him again.

Knowing what buttons to push to get you obsessed about him, he goes all out.

That is what he is doing now.

He is turning on the charm right now and you mustn’t fall for it.

When he was seeing you, he had ample time to ascertain whether you were the right girl for him to go steady with.

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You were patient, hoping that he would finally commit to you.

He didn’t.

You left.

Out of the blue, he wants you back.

What stopped him from committing to you in the past?

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He should have, but he didn’t.

None of that sentiment has changed.

The only reason why he wants you back is to get back to how he felt when you were with him, as a consequence of not having found a suitable replacement.

Naturally, with this little success in his dating life since you left, he is frantic to get you back into his life.

Taking a guy like this back is to your detriment.

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A guy like this has a tendency to end up reverting back to his old ways once he has succeeded in getting the girl back.

He gets complacent again, and the commitment he promised is awash.

You are tricked into believing that he means to commit this time, but you end up without commitment, like before.

Don’t fall for it.

A guy knows when he is with a girl he wants to commit to.

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A girl never has to leave him for him to realize that.

He already knows, and commits accordingly.

This guy doesn’t want to commit.

His attempt to get you back into his life is selfish in nature, the intention being to reclaim your love with the promise of commitment that never materializes.

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