Do Rebound Relationships Ever Work Out?

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Do Rebound Relationships Ever Work Out?

The majority of the time, rebound relationships are founded on the desire to get back at an ex, raise self-esteem or kill boredom.

True reflection isn’t used.

The basis of most rebound relationships is self-centered at its core.

Unlike normal relationships, where people share an equal interest in each other and are motivated by that, rebound relationships are rooted in a self-centered desire to fulfill a personal need.

Their selfish interest is physical, emotional, or both.

There is manipulation and deceit.

The person who is forcing the rebound relationship isn’t coming into it with genuine emotions that define how they truly feel about the other person.

A rebound relationship is unlikely to work out the quicker it happens after a previous relationship, especially when there is no reflection and acceptance.

When there has been some time to reflect on the previous relationship prior to getting into a new one, there is a greater outlook of that new rebound relationship working out.

It doesn’t have to be a long time.

Many people lose an attachment to the partner weeks or months before their relationship ends.

But, as long as there is time spent reflecting before instigating a rebound relationship with someone new, the odds are good that the rebound relationship works.

Without reflection and acceptance, rebound relationships have greater odds of not working out, including those between friends.

The familiarity gives the false impression that this rebound relationship is bound to work out, but what it normally does is create complications, as the sudden transition from a friendship to an intimate relationship shocks the dynamics of their relationship.

The quicker this relationship flips back to friendship the better.

No one wants to lose a good friend over a rebound relationship.

Want to have a rebound relationship that works out?

Confirm that this is a person who has done extensive reflection and had acceptance.

Alternately, when the two individuals get into a rebound relationship after having exited previous relationships around the same time, there is a greater likelihood that the rebound relationship works out.

Reason being, both individuals knew what they were getting into and had turned to each other as rebounds to move on from their previous relationships or as a reaction to those relationships.

An understanding or a shared experience between two individuals is common ground.

In this scenario, after their previous relationships ended, they entered a rebound relationship for similar reasons.

This is unlike many rebound relationships where at least one party is unaware that they are nothing but a placeholder.

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