Do Rebound Relationships Ever Work Out?

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Do Rebound Relationships Ever Work Out?The majority of the time, rebound relationships are a result of several different emotions.

A person may get into a rebound relationship in order to get back at an ex, raise their self-esteem or to simply react to an impulse.

It has a lot to do with instinctual human perceptions that lead to reflexive acts that aren’t rooted in true reflection.

Hence, as a result, the basis of most rebound relationships is not in authenticity but in something puerile and insignificant.

In normal relationships, people get involved with each other because there is common interest.

The interest could be physical, emotional or both. However, there is almost always a commonality between the two parties.

In most rebound relationships, there is no real commonality.

There is more manipulation and abject reaction.

Hence, the person who is forcing the rebound relationship isn’t coming into it with true emotions that define how they truly feel about the other person.

A rebound relationship is highly unlikely to work out the quicker it happens after a previous relationship.

When there has been some time to reflect on the previous relationship prior to getting into a new one, there is a better chance of that new relationship working out.

Hence, even if that period was quite short compared to the normal flow of a courtship, as long as there was some period of time in-between, the chances are still better than someone who jumps right into a new relationship a day or week right after the last one.

Rebound relationships that happen between two individuals who were friends are also highly unlikely to work out.

The friendship tends to put a strain on that rebound.

When you’ve known someone on a friendship level for a while, using that person to suddenly move up into an intimate relationship, throws the entire dynamic of that relationship into a tailspin.

There are simply too many complications.

As a result, these types of rebound relationships simply don’t work out.

For a rebound relationship to have the best chance at working out, it has to have happened after a period of time that wasn’t immediately after the previous relationship.

It also has to be with someone that you aren’t friends with.

There is also another situation that could make a rebound relationship have a better shot at working out.

If the two individuals involved who got into a rebound relationship both got out of previous relationships around the same time, there is a greater likelihood that the rebound relationship may work out.

Reason being, both individuals knew what they were getting into and had turned to each other as rebounds in order to move on from their previous relationships or as a reaction to those relationships.

When there is an understanding or a shared experience between two individuals, it is easier for them to make a rebound relationship work.

In this scenario, they both just got out of relationships.

They are turning to a rebound relationship for possibly similar reasons.

Hence, there is a sense of collaboration here that allows both parties to find common ground.

This is typically not the case in most rebound relationships as almost always, one party is coming into it clueless of what they really are and have no shared experience with the pursuer.

Which is why you should be diligent about the person you are dating and do your best to take your time with them before becoming emotionally invested.

The more time you spend with them, even if you don’t have a shared experience with the pursuer, you will be able to pick up on whether this pursuer is using you as a rebound or not based on what they say and how they act.

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