Is Sexting Cheating?

Is Sexting Cheating?

Sexting is cheating.

Cheating isn’t relegated to physical cheating only.

People cheat in various ways.

Sexting is a form of sexual cheating.

This is a partner who has chosen to sext someone else outside of their relationship so as to get sexual fulfillment.

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This is sexual fulfillment that should be reserved for his partner only.

Sexual exclusivity is a big part of what makes a relationship special.

He is violating this sexual exclusivity when he sexts someone else.

He has broken an unwritten contract with his partner.

By sexting this woman, who is outside of his relationship with you, he has decided to violate an exclusive part of your relationship that is sacred.

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People get too caught up in believing that cheating only entails a physical form of infidelity.

That is a wrong notion and those who agree with it run the risk of jeopardizing their relationships.

When you believe that cheating strictly constitutes physical intimacy, you are susceptible to forgiving bad behavior in a relationship until it leads to physical cheating.

When you catch your boyfriend sexting, his immediate defense is that he wasn’t sleeping with her physically, and as such, he wasn’t cheating.

Though upset, you let it go, believing that he is in the right.

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What happens next is that he sexts again.

He was emboldened by you.

Being that you forgave the sexting and gave him the impression that you don’t believe that it is real cheating either, he felt that he could do it again without having to worry about severe consequences.

This is what happens when you don’t put your foot down and lay down the law when it comes to sexting.

Your boyfriend is going to do it again.

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As he does it, there is an adverse effect that develops.

Although he hasn’t slept with the girl physically, he starts getting addicted to the sexting.

He relies on her to get him sexually fulfilled to an extent.

Next thing you know, your sex life with him suffers.

He is not as present when he is having sex with you, as though his mind is somewhere else.

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In those moments, unbeknownst to you, he is thinking about what it would be like to be having sex with the girl he has been sexting.

He is imagining it and is lost in that vision.

To exacerbate the situation, he develops an emotional attachment to her.

Yes, sexting leads to an emotional affair too.

As he sexts her over time, it is next to impossible to separate the visceral satisfaction he experiences in these moments from his emotions.

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She is on his mind constantly throughout the day, and he is looking forward to the next time he gets to sext her.

This instigates an emotional connection that is inevitable, as long as he keeps sexting her over a sustained period of time.

Soon after, he is talking to her about his personal life, as the sexting takes a backseat and his emotional needs take center stage.

Once this happens, an emotional affair is afoot which spells doom for your relationship.


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