What Should I Do If My Crush Doesn’t Like Me?

What Should I Do If My Crush Doesn't Like Me?

Accept it and let him go.

A crush who doesn’t like you has his reasons.

None of them may have anything to do with you as a person.

A mistake so many people make in this situation is when they take it personally when their crush doesn’t like them.

She immediately makes the assumption that the crush doesn’t like her because he doesn’t think she is attractive.

This crushes her self-esteem and she is left feeling rather depressed.

You don’t actually know why your crush doesn’t like you.

Instead of drawing conclusions that have no evidence of merit, consider the possibility that your crush has reasons that have nothing to do with how attractive you are.

There are a number of possibilities.

He has a girlfriend.

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There is a girl he is currently courting.

He is recovering from a breakup that has left him reeling emotionally.

There are so many more.

The point is that you don’t know why your crush doesn’t like you.

Jumping to the conclusion that your crush doesn’t like you as a consequence of not thinking you are attractive is presumptuous and detrimental to your mental health.

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Having this notion is what makes you keep dwelling on what has happened.

You are depressed and sad, and your confidence is demolished.

This makes you have a negative outlook to your level of attractiveness and ability to attract a suitable mate.

This negative outlook is easily perceived by guys you come across and this makes it that much harder for them to take a chance on approaching you.

Your disappointment over what happened with your crush affects your love life adversely.

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With your confidence in tatters, you are giving off negative body language, which in turn causes the guys around you to believe that you wouldn’t be an ideal person to approach or ask out on a date.

This doesn’t do your dating life any good.

It keeps you stuck in the moment, at a loss to move forward and beyond this crush.

See how pervasive this gets?

To reiterate, don’t make assumptions of why your crush doesn’t like you.

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You don’t realistically know.

Instead of instantly going to a negative conclusion that negatively affects your self-confidence, accept the reality that your crush doesn’t like you in the same fashion you do him, and move on.

Don’t let this one-time incident hurt your prospects of getting other guys to take notice of you and ask you out.

Even in the event that your crush’s reason for not liking you had to with him not finding you attractive, it doesn’t matter.

Different people have different tastes.

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Are you attracted to every guy that you see?

Of course you aren’t.

It’s the same way with guys.

Not every guy is attracted to every girl.

It doesn’t mean that you aren’t attractive.

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Your crush has his tastes and that’s alright.

Although you are attracted to him, he isn’t the only man you have ever been attracted to, nor will he be the last man.

Keep your head up.

Have a positive attitude and keep moving forward with your life.

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