Should I Text My Female Coworker?

Should I Text My Female Coworker?

Your female coworker is constantly on your mind.

You have developed great rapport with her at work and have been thinking about texting her outside of work.

Although you have her number, your text exchanges with her have been relegated to messaging each other during the course of the day at work.

There has never been a text exchange when you two weren’t at work.

You want to cross this threshold but you are worried about how this would affect your relationship with her at work.

You don’t want it to get awkward.

Having established a good working relationship with her, you don’t want to mess it up.

That being said, you are persistently tempted to text her.

She has been on your mind outside of work a lot more lately.

It’s getting tougher and tougher to get her out of your mind.

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No matter what you are doing or how much fun it is, thoughts of her creep into your mind.

Whether you are hanging out with friends, family, or participating in a sport, she is on your mind.

This has forced you to want to text her and you have gotten close to it on multiple occasions, but have stopped short of doing it.

What to do?

It’s time to text your female coworker and ask her to meet up for lunch, coffee or drinks.

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A good rapport has already been established with her at work and she has shown signs of being fond of you.

It’s time to find out how she feels about you outside of work.

You only get to find that out once you have asked her out to meet up for lunch, coffee or drinks.

You are too caught up in being rejected by her and how that would affect your relationship with her at work.

What warrants a greater concern is the prospect of you wasting too much time wondering whether you should text her and losing out on her to someone else.

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Plus, the longer you wait, the deeper your feelings for her get.

You most definitely don’t want this.

As your feelings deepen for her, you have no idea whether she feels the same way about you.

You don’t even know whether she is dating anyone else.

Inevitably, your mind creates stories about her and you see a life with her that doesn’t exist.

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This causes your feelings for her to deepen over time.

Essentially, you create a life with her in your mind.

A life that doesn’t exist.

This is extremely detrimental to your mental health, given that you have put yourself in the middle of a fantasy that isn’t real.

Once you learn that she is dating someone else, which is inevitable if you don’t ask her out soon, it would damage you psychologically, leaving you much worse off than where you were before you asked her out.

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Do you now see why it is imperative to text her now and ask her out?


Just do it.

Your request doesn’t have to be elaborate.

Keep it succinct.

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Ask her out to do a simple activity with you.

Should she agree, you get to meet up with her in an environment outside of work, which gives you a better chance at finding out whether there is romantic interest on her part.

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