Do Guys Find It A Turn Off If A Girl Doesn’t Drink Any Alcohol?

Do Guys Find It A Turn Off If A Girl Doesn't Drink Any Alcohol?

It is contingent on the guy you are talking to.

A guy who is looking for casual relationships and to party, is the one who gets turned off by a girl who doesn’t drink alcohol.

When a guy is all about going out to the bars on his free time, he is normally going to be looking for a girl who does the same.

To reiterate, it is contingent on the type of guy you want to attract.

There are lots of guys who don’t have an issue with a girl who doesn’t drink alcohol.

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The question is, would you be attracted to these guys?

Ask yourself about what sort of guy you tend to be attracted to.

Is he the party all night type?

The guy who goes to multiple bars over the weekend?

That guy is going to be turned off that you are a girl who doesn’t drink alcohol.

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Beware of guys who give the impression they don’t mind it that you don’t drink alcohol, but have every intention to change that.

A guy like this looks at changing you around to drinking as a challenge.

He wants to corrupt you.

Be weary of guys like this.

He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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Although he seems harmless and charming at first, he has every intention to get you drink alcohol at some stage of his relationship with you.

Obviously, this points to a guy who doesn’t care for your well-being and is more intent on satisfying his own ends than in making you happy.

Clearly, not a good choice for a boyfriend.

Before letting a guy woo you, do your homework by investigating his past.

A guy who has a history of partying and drinking is a prime candidate for this deceitful behavior.

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This aside, there are situations that are the exact opposite, where you fall for a guy who does drink alcohol but has no intention of changing you.

This doesn’t mean you are out of trouble.

Being that you are dating him, you are around him a lot.

This means that you are constantly putting yourself around people who drink alcohol.

Whenever you go out with him on a Friday night or over the weekend to clubs and bars, you are around people who are drinking, including his friends.

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Weeks or months of this is inevitably going to lead to you having a few drinks of your own, wanting to blend in with everyone.

Being that you aren’t someone who drinks, consuming alcohol dramatically changes your behavior, putting you in a vulnerable position where you humiliate yourself and look bad in front of him, his friends and everyone else.

You may never live it down as your boyfriend and his friends keep making fun of you about that time you were at a club with them, got drunk, took your shirt off, and proceeded to dance on a table in your brassiere.

Alright, maybe you won’t go that far, but you go far enough to humiliate yourself.

Your mind and body isn’t used to alcohol and they are the enemy in vulnerable moments like this.

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Keep this in mind when you are thinking about who to date.

A guy who drinks but doesn’t pressure you to do likewise doesn’t mean you are in the clear.

Picking a guy who is never around alcohol is your safest bet.


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