Would A Guy Date A Socially Awkward Girl?

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Would A Guy Date A Socially Awkward Girl?

A guy would date a socially awkward girl.

There are a lot of guys who would forgive the fact that a girl is socially awkward as long as they are physically attracted to her and they don’t feel as though she is out of their league.

Hence, if you don’t give off the vibe that you just don’t want to be bothered, there is a good chance that you will not have any trouble with guys wanting to date you.

Again, guys can be very forgiving and open when it comes to a girl that they would like to date.

They don’t necessarily base whether they would want to date a girl on how socially skilled she is.

For most guys, they want to first and foremost be physically attracted to the girl.

If you have appealed to them in this way, you are already way ahead in terms of them liking you and looking at you as a prospective date before they have even given themselves a chance to get to know you.

If in the process of trying to get to know you or talk to you, they discover that you are socially awkward, most guys simply wouldn’t be turned off by this.

Again, as long as you are being responsive in showing that you like them, they will be fine with the fact that you are socially awkward.

What most guys tend to want above all else when it comes to a girl that they would like to date is to be attracted to her physically and to have a good sense that she likes them.

Those are often the two most important criteria for guys when it comes to who they choose to date.

Hence, they are often willing to overlook the fact that a girl that they are physically attracted to is socially awkward.

For a lot of guys, the fact that the girl is socially awkward can even be a positive.

Again, this is all predicated on them being certain that the girl likes them.

Oftentimes, in a scenario where the girl is socially awkward, the guy may feel an increased desire to make her feel comfortable and get her to trust him.

He may become protective of her when it comes to putting her in social situations where there may be a lot of people present and he understands that this would make her uncomfortable.

Hence, he may make more of an effort to avoid environments like this whenever he is with her so as to protect her and allow her to be comfortable.

Hence, as long as he truly likes this girl, he will often do all he can to make her feel at ease.

The girl may notice that the guy may even ask her if she is comfortable or okay quite often.

He does this in order to make sure that he is aware of how she is feeling as often as possible so as to keep her as comfortable he can.

A guy who truly likes and is attracted to the girl wouldn’t want her to feel uncomfortable around him.

For most guys, having a girl feel uncomfortable around them will often make them feel uncomfortable as well.

Guys don’t like to put themselves in this position.

Hence, you will discover that even though you may be socially awkward, a lot of guys will be more than willing to accommodate that as long as they are attracted to you and know that you truly like them.

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