Is Grabbing A Drink With A Guy Considered A Date?

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Is Grabbing A Drink With A Guy Considered A Date?

When it is solely the two of you attending, it is a date.

Consider how you feel about the guy.

Is there romantic interest?

Be careful that you don’t go to a date to grab a drink under the impression this is platonic and there are no romantic intentions on his end.

It makes for an awkward date when what you are there for is an alcoholic beverage or two, some banter, and nothing more.

When there is a lack of romantic interest on your part, you are better off either turning the meeting down or downgrading to something more platonic like a lunch, or bringing a friend or two along with you.

This is how you give yourself cover.

Going at it alone opens you up to the possibility that things get a little hairy at the date.

A little too much alcohol inside the body of someone who likes you romantically isn’t a great situation when you have no romantic interest towards the person.

Alcohol emboldens the body and loosens up the tongue.

Before you know it, your date is saying stuff that is making you uncomfortable, even worse, they are getting too close or touching you in places they shouldn’t far too frequently, as their state of inebriation progresses through the night.

Is this a predicament you care to be in when there is no romantic interest on your part?

It isn’t.

In the case that you do have some romantic interest in this person, meeting them for a drink on a first date isn’t always the best choice.

Alcohol consumed too soon in courtship has been known to ruin potential chemistry.

Someone drinks a little too much and acts inappropriately, turning off their date.

A date that launched in a bar unexpectedly ends up in someone’s apartment loft as you wake up the neighbors with moans that shouldn’t be occurring this early in courtship.

Grabbing a drink on a first date sounds fairly harmless at first.

After all, you are adults who know your limits in terms of alcohol assumption.

No one is going to get out of hand and drink a bit too much.

Are you sure about that?

In a world where no one has to drive to a bar anymore, thanks to rideshares, who is to say someone doesn’t decide to drink a little more than they should, given they don’t have to worry about driving themselves home?

Grabbing a drink with this person is your choice.

These worst case scenarios aren’t a given.

Your date with this person has a shot at working out perfectly without so much as a hint of impropriety.

But, do you want to take that chance on a first date with someone you are romantically interested in?

How about reserving going out for drinks for the third or fourth date?

Having a clearer head in the early stages of courtship lends to much better conversation.

Don’t you want this person clearheaded enough to learn more about you and vice versa, when it is this early?

Sure you do.

Skip the drinks for now and make another suggestion for a first date.

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