How Do I Know A Guy Really Loves Me?

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How Do I Know A Guy Really Loves Me?

When a guy really loves you, he will be invested in your hopes and dreams.

He would want you to achieve them more than anything and would be supportive of you.

He would encourage you to continue moving toward what you want even if that path may differ from his own.

He doesn’t want to impede on your hopes in any way.

He won’t be selfish and only think about himself.

Even if your hopes and dreams were to take you somewhere else in order to achieve them, he would still support you.

This is because he is invested in your happiness.

When a guy really loves you, he will accept you for who you are regardless of your shortcomings.

He would understand that you aren’t perfect and won’t always be or look your best at every moment of the day.

He realizes that you will have days that you are cranky, upset or just plain depressed.

He appreciates you for you regardless of those moments when you aren’t at your best.

He will tolerate those moments because he knows that there is so much more to you than that.

When a guy really loves you, he will make a lot of time for you.

He will sacrifice time with his friends and family just so that he can spend that time with you.

He may cancel plans just to be with you.

He may turn down an opportunity to go do something he really loves just to ensure that he talks to you and comforts you if you are having a bad day.

He will make time for you both in a physical and emotionally supportive sense.

He would want to see you, hear you and to be around you.

You will notice him making out the time in his schedule to just talk and hang out.

He will do everything in his power to ensure that you know how much he really wants to be there for you.

When a guy really loves you, he will be willing to accept your friends and family.

He will genuinely want to spend time with them in order to allow them the opportunity to get to know him and vice versa. You wouldn’t always have to be there physically.

He would want to do things with them even when you are not around because he recognizes that these people are an important part of your life.

He would want to know those you love so as to get close to some of them and form meaningful relationships.

When a guy really loves you, he will tell you that he loves you.

He will not wait for you to tell him before he responds in kind and may even tell you that he loves you in moments that you aren’t expecting it.

You may have just gotten out of bed or be sick that day.

He looks at you with a smile and tells you he loves you.

You have a 100 degree fever and boogers in your eyes but he doesn’t care. As far as he is concerned, you are perfect.

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