How Do I Know A Guy Really Loves Me?

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How Do I Know A Guy Really Loves Me?

A guy who really loves you is invested in your hopes and dreams.

Regardless of whether your hopes and dreams align with his own, he encourages you to achieve them and is tangibly supportive wherever his help is needed.

He never wants to impede on your hopes and dreams, and he won’t be selfish in thinking about himself.

Your success is a priority to him.

Besides being invested in your hopes and dreams, a guy who really loves you accepts you for who you are, regardless of your shortcomings.

You aren’t perfect and he knows this.

Whether you are having a good day or bad, cranky or relaxed, depressed or happy, he doesn’t judge you.

He appreciates you for you, regardless of the moments where you aren’t at your best, knowing that you are a multidimensional person who has ups and downs.

A guy who really loves you makes plenty of time for you.

He sacrifices time with his friends and family, so that he spends that time with you.

Without hesitation, he cancels his own plans so as to spend that time with you.

Spending time isn’t relegated to physical proximity alone.

Merely talking to you for an additional hour on the phone rather than heading out to an activity he had planned is how he spends time with you too.

The sound of your voice is like music to him and short of seeing you physically, he has no qualms cancelling plans to hear it.

A guy who really loves you is prepared and excited to accept your family and friends.

He genuinely wants to spend time with them to get to know them.

Becoming acquainted with those you love gets him closer to knowing who you are as a person.

Forming meaningful relationships with them is how he builds trust with you.

Friends and family who get to know him as a person have a front seat to determining what he is about as a person.

Gaining their trust means he gains your trust.

A guy who really loves you wants you to have no doubt that he does.

Telling you he loves you is a constant.

But he backs it up with surprising you with special treats.

He surprises you with a warm bubble bath with your favorite ointments after a hard day at work.

Knowing that you need a well-deserved break from the ups and downs of life, he gifts you an all-day spa experience at a reputed spa in town.

Quietly, he fixes something around your house that you needed repaired without any warning, leaving you delighted by his kind gesture.

Look back on your life with this guy.

Where there are similarities in behavior as aforementioned, he is a guy who really loves you.

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