What Does It Mean If A Guy Is Always On His Phone?

What Does It Mean If A Guy Is Always On His Phone?

This is a guy you like and your preeminent thought whenever you see him on his phone is that he must be chatting with other girls.

Every time you see him, he is always on his phone and it’s tough to establish eye contact with him.

The frustration is boiling over.

You are one to be on your phone too, but not to this extent.

The idea of giving up on this guy has crossed your mind on multiple occasions.

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Yet, he is hot and alluring.

As much as he has frustrated you with his phone behavior, you persist in craving his attention.

A guy who is always on his phone likes the distraction.

He gets bored with his immediate environment and uses his phone as a welcome distraction.

Other than being the president of a country, which he isn’t, there is no urgent reason for him to eternally be on his phone.

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This opens a window of fortuity to you. A window for you to interrupt him.

Don’t worry.

He isn’t doing much of anything of substance on his phone.

He is returning a few texts from friends or family, but the majority of the time, he is browsing social media, on his favorite websites, or playing a mobile video game.

That’s it.

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I know that the thought of interrupting him sounds intimidating, but remember, you aren’t interrupting him from anything serious.

He isn’t doing anything urgent or life-changing while on his phone.

Keeping that in mind, don’t think it rude of you to interrupt him while he is on his phone.

To interrupt, simply start a conversation with him.

Ask him a question about something.

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Guys are always keen to help because it makes them feel useful.

Ask him a question in reference to something you need help with or an opinion on.

Just like that you have taken his attention away from his phone.

Trust me, he wasn’t doing anything worthwhile on it before you interrupted him.

Opening up a conversation with him by asking a question, gives you two a shot at having an extended chat, which facilitates in determining whether there is mutual chemistry.

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In the event you are too shy to start a conversation with him in this vain, there is an age-old technique that is at your disposal.

That of dropping several items.

True, this technique of getting a man’s attention is an old as can be, but it still works.

While in his vicinity, drop several items you were carrying.

A gentleman stops with the phone obsession to assist a lady in need on these occasions.

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As he assists you in collecting the items dropped, thank him for his kindness and give him a compliment.

Guys don’t receive a lot of compliments in their daily lives, which is why they often respond positively to them.

Your compliment has him elated, energizing him to open up a conversation with you.

A conversation that leads to a determination on whether there is mutual romantic interest.


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