What Does It Mean When He Says, “I Don’t Know Where Things Go From Here?”

What Does It Mean When He Says, "I Don't Know Where Things Go From Here?"

He wants to break up.

I guy who wants to elevate or maintain a relationship does everything in his power to keep it going.

Saying that he doesn’t know where things go from here is his indication that he isn’t intent on doing whatever it takes to keep the relationship going or elevate it to the next level.

It’s misleading when you hear those words.

It sounds like he is lost.

He isn’t.

He is breaking the bad news to you in as palatable a form as he can come up with.

As far as he is concerned, he has taken the relationship as far as it is going to go and he is ready to jump ship.

As he doesn’t have the nerve to tell you this directly, he says, “I don’t know where things go from here.”

A guy who is sure about his love for a girl isn’t confused about where to go.

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He knows that he wants to commit, convinced that regardless of certain differences he has with the girl, a long-term relationship with her has promise.

Instead of seeing a chasm in his future with her, he sees a meadow.

A meadow with a few rough patches, but a meadow nonetheless.

He doesn’t see anything like that with you.

There is no future.

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He is hoping to plant that seed in your mind.

Have you think about the hopelessness there is in keeping up with this relationship any further.

Hopefully, you conclude he is right.

This leads to an amicable separation, which to him, is the best outcome.

It’s not like he hates you.

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There have been moments with you that he has enjoyed.

To this effect, he isn’t adverse to the idea of maintaining a lukewarm friendship with you.

As long as the breakup is amicable, he is open to messaging you on occasion on social media or by text to see how you are doing.

Nonetheless, the idea of having a long-term romantic relationship with you is out of the question.

He wants none of that.

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Don’t get lost in confusion, dissecting what he said from every angle.

It’s tempting to do that.

Why wouldn’t it?

It’s not like he directly told you that he doesn’t want anything to do with you romantically.

This is where your mind deceives you.

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Being that you want to have or maintain a romantic relationship with this guy, you make yourself believe he is asking for more time to figure things out.

The reality is, he isn’t.

He has had enough time spent with you to know whether he wants to have or maintain a romantic relationship with you or not.

Surmising that he needs more time to figure things out is a trap you lay for yourself.

The longer you make yourself believe that a romantic relationship with him is salvageable, the more emotionally invested in him you become.

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This inevitably leads to heartbreak when he finally musters the courage to tell you that he has gone as far as he can go with you and doesn’t see a future.

Why let it get this far?

In telling you that he doesn’t know where things go from here, you have your cue to exit stage left.

The sooner you let go of the idea of dating him or continuing to date him, the sooner you move on.

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