Do Men Fall In Love Easily?

Do Men Fall In Love Easily?

A man of high value, desired by multiple women, doesn’t fall in love easily.

Neither does a player.

It takes a lot of work to get a high value man or player to fall in love with you.

He has it so easy with women that meeting one who makes him feel totally different from the hundreds available to him is nothing short of a miracle.

A regular guy who has dated a modest number of women falls in love easier.

Not necessarily easily.

The guy that falls in love easily is the virgin or the guy with next to no experience with women.

He goes on his first date with a woman and falls in love instantly.

All she had to do was compliment him over and over again.

He is sold.

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She is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

As he returns home that night, he is already naming the kids they are going to have together.

He is so excited.

He falls asleep with her image in his mind and a wide smile on his face.

This isn’t the type of love you should be gunning for.

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It’s fickle.

Based on a lack of experience and his own insecurities.

He never has girls give him attention.

The attention you gave him at the date triggered such a dopamine rush in his body, he misconstrued it for love.

A guy who falls in love with you this easily has no idea about what the concept of love is.

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He is primarily concerned with how good you make him feel than anything else.

He is basing his supposed love for you on that feeling, which makes said feeling completely superficial beneath the surface.

Though it can feel amazing to have a guy fawn over you like this, it isn’t a healthy basis by which a healthy relationship is established.

He hasn’t received enough information about you to warrant this love.

Nevertheless, here he is, daydreaming about you, the 3 kids and the white picket fence.

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He is on a sugar high.

A heightened state of being that has nothing to do with real love.

As far as the regular guy, the one that has had a modest number of relationships, he doesn’t fall in love too easily, but it’s easier for him to do so when he gets the sense that he can let his guard down with you.

A select number of women are extremely good at this.

They are nonjudgmental, letting him be himself.

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He talks freely and doesn’t have to put up a macho front to prove that he is worthy of her.

This is where it’s easier for him to fall in love.

This often requires that the woman puts her own emotions to the side a bit.

This is a hard bargain.

Women are naturally wired to be emotional beings.

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But a man who isn’t consumed with constantly having to satiate her emotional needs, has room to express his own emotions, as long as she has created a safe environment for him to do so.

A woman that is capable of keeping her own emotions in check, allowing for the man to open himself up to her emotionally, has it easier in getting a regular guy to fall in love with her.

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