I Am Bisexual And Trying Online Dating. Why Is It So Easy To Get A Guy But So Hard To Get A Woman?

I Am Bisexual And Trying Online Dating. Why Is It So Easy To Get A Guy But So Hard To Get A Woman?

Online dating is no different from real life dating in a number of aspects.

One of them is in how easy it is to get a guy compared to getting a woman.

Walk into any bar as a woman and you will walk out with a guy, if you so choose.

The same can’t be said about a man.

Online dating mirrors this.

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The only difference is that the experience is magnified.

Dating apps are filled with dating prospects.

On top of this, there are way more men on dating apps looking for women than the other way around.

As a bisexual woman who is trying online dating, the odds are stacked in your favor.

As long as you are open to dating men, you are going to receive a ton of matches.

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Not so if you are looking to get a woman.

Now you are one of many, joining the masses of men who have a hard time getting women on dating apps.

On top of that, you are bisexual, which could work against you if you are on a dating app that primarily caters to heterosexual women.

So you have it twofold.

In trying to get women, you are facing similar challenges that lots of men have on dating apps, and in being bisexual, you have made the challenge greater.

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To increase your odds of getting women, as a bisexual woman, consider signing up on a dating app that specifically caters to bisexual or gay women.

This exposes you to a pool of women that are open to dating or having relations with other women, as opposed to women on general dating apps who aren’t as open to the idea.

When you are on a dating app seeking out women, you are in competition with a lot of men.

To get women to give you a shot, you have to separate yourself from the pack.

It’s easy to get guys on dating apps.

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As long as you look halfway decent in your pictures, you will receive an endless number of matches and messages.

Not so easy when you are looking to get women.

Your dating profile has to be that good to get women to pay attention to you.

Assuming that these are women who are open to having relations with another woman, they are going to look to see whether your dating profile represents a lifestyle they would want to be a part of.

Using boring pictures of yourself posing for the camera with boring backgrounds doesn’t do you any good.

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Your pictures need to capture her attention.

Travel is a very popular theme with women on dating apps.

If you love travel, you are in luck.

Post pictures of yourself in interesting locations that you have traveled, doing exciting activities.

These are images that generate much better responses from women on dating apps than generic pictures of yourself sitting in a bar, restaurant, or in your living room.

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Think, eye-catching, in reference to your pictures.

This is what will separate you from everyone else who is vying for her attention and entice her to swipe right on your dating profile.


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