What Are The Pros And Cons For Dating An Unemployed Man?

What Are The Pros And Cons For Dating An Unemployed Man?

An unemployed man has a lot of time on his hands.

Undeniably, this factor goes both ways.

Some men who have too much time on their hands get up to no good.

Assuming that you are dealing with the average guy and not a criminal, having time on his hands can work to your advantage.

If you love constant attention from a guy you are dating, an unemployed man has more than enough time to give that to you.

This is time that isn’t purely reserved for hanging out with you, but to help you with stuff you need to get done too.

Stuff that you either don’t have that much time to do with your limited free time or that needs to be done that you don’t want to do or keep procrastinating on.

Whether he is running to grab your mail, doing grocery shopping for you, taking your car to the shop for maintenance or detailing, fixing what breaks in your home, he is available to do those chores.

Not just this.

Many women worry about dating a boyfriend who cheats on them.

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A boyfriend who is physically attractive and gainfully employed is incredibly enticing to women.

You have probably had experiences in the past where women in your life have developed an eye for one of your past boyfriends, drawn to his good looks and his ability to provide, thanks to his good paying job.

An unemployed man takes away a lot of the fear of having a boyfriend who attracts a ton of female attention, increasing the risk that he cheats on you.

An unemployed man is nowhere near as appealing to women as an employed man, irrespective of his good looks.

Most women don’t want to have to take care of a boyfriend financially.

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In this vain, you don’t have to worry too much about the possibility of him cheating on you.

Despite having a lot of time on his hands, he isn’t spending it at restaurants and bars all over town, taking women out on dates.

He can’t afford it, as he doesn’t have the money to take women out.

So the probability that he is cheating on you while you are away at work is slim.

Now to the cons.

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An unemployed man is prone to getting used to a pampered lifestyle.

You are footing the bills, while he gets to mooch off of you.

A pampered man with no financial responsibility is a one-way ticket to establishing a lack of emotional intimacy.

Sure, he is physically there to listen to you complain about your day, but he isn’t mentally there.

He doesn’t care about your daily plight in the big bad world.

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His greatest concern has more to do with what he can get out of you, than how you feel about your boss.

The new Xbox is out and he is biding his time, pretending to listen to your woes, banking on the right moment to come along for him to ask you for it.

In not having to work for anything, he doesn’t relate to the notion of hard work and the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees.

He just wants what he wants, and if he has to sit around and pretend that he cares about something that you are complaining about in order to eventually get what he wants, he will.

You reward him for listening to you by giving him the money for that Xbox, misconstruing his fabricated empathy as emotional intimacy, when it really wasn’t.

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He repeats this behavior over and over, to get what he wants.

Emotionally manipulating you so to speak.

This leads to the next con.


An unappreciation for what you do for him.

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It’s never enough.

The emotional manipulation has empowered him to a point where he is brazen enough to show unappreciation.

This normally happens when he doesn’t get what he wants or it is taking too long for him to get what he wants.

He takes away the emotional attention that you so crave.

When you ask about it, he makes you feel guilty by addressing how you don’t care for him.

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After all, he has been asking you for the money to buy a new motorbike for weeks.

You stand your ground in refusal for a little while, but give in.

You want his emotional attention back, and the longer he stays mad at you, the longer you are deprived of it.

You give him the money for the motorbike.

After the excitement for his new motorbike wears off, he asks for something else.

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You refuse.

The cycle of emotional manipulation and unappreciation is set off again.

This inevitably leads to two outcomes.

You are an emotional wreck and financially destitute.

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