Are Coffee Dates Still A Thing?

Are Coffee Dates Still A Thing?


Coffee dates have never gone away.

Yes, there are a surplus of options that fall along the same lines.

The frozen yogurt, smoothie, ice cream, juice, and shakes date comes to mind.

It’s not that coffee dates aren’t a thing, it’s that there is this perception in different demographics that coffee dates are what their parents and grandparents did for dates, rendering it obsolete.

Back then, choices were limited for two people romantically interested in each other, looking to meet up for an informal activity.

With such a variety of entertainment options available in present day for two romantic hopefuls, asking to do coffee just sounds a little anticlimactic.

In an age where many on the internet are looking to outdo each other to attract gobs of attention or likes, through posting eye-catching photos or videos of their outings, a coffee date feels trifling.


That was what you did on a Friday night?

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How boring.

It’s about what gets the adulation and likes on social media now.

Posting a photo of yourself at a coffee date doesn’t garner the adulation or likes that a photo of you at a rave date on a rooftop garners.

It’s about who can outdo who.

Whoever comes up with the out-of-the-ordinary or outrageous is getting the adulation and the likes.

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This gives them an emotional boost and bolsters their status with peers.

No one wants to look like the boring one.

So, whenever they so happen to be out on a coffee date, they keep that private.

Instead of posting a photo of it or mentioning it in a post, they act like it never happened.

This behavior is exhibited in higher frequency with the 25 and under crowd.

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This demographic dominates social media, so when you are online and happen to see media that suggests that coffee dates aren’t a thing anymore, it seems like the world is in agreement.

It isn’t.

The internet is a tiny, tiny part of a much bigger world and it doesn’t represent reality.

Powered by the outlandish, outrageous and ostentatious, it’s overwhelming function for many is to garner attention and look transcendent.

Again, many of the same people who shun coffee dates online, go on them in real life.

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They just don’t post photos of it on their social media or mention it.

Whatever side of the fence you are on where coffee dates are concerned, never undervalue their functionality.

Though simple, they carry a punch.

Isn’t the idea of a date at this budding stage of courtship to get to know the person?

Since when was doing something sexy or cool the apotheosis of it all?

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This is where people lose sight of what matters.

The simplicity of coffee dates adds a lightheartedness to the atmosphere.

Neither one is burdened with having to over-impress their date so that they have an exciting story to tell their followers online or their group of friends.

A coffee date is bereft of the showiness, which leaves the two people with one mission in mind, that of getting to know each other better.

On a side note, have you seen the smorgasbod of coffee flavors and mixes available at your local coffee shop?

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It’s not like the old days where coffee shops were limited to black coffee and a handful of other flavor choices.

Coffee shops have evolved too.

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