I Feel Like This Nerdy Guy Is A Great Match. Should I Go For It And Get To Know Him?

I Feel Like This Nerdy Guy Is A Great Match. Should I Go For It And Get To Know Him?

A feeling of connection is always a great start.

Now, though it feels like this nerdy guy is a great match, don’t get carried away with what you believe him to be.

Getting caught up in all that forces you to start molding him into what your ideal is and this is very dangerous when it comes to romance.

Leave a lot of space in your mind open, instead of filled with assumptions. When you have assumptions, you ruin an otherwise compatible match when they don’t fit every expectation you have as you get to know them.

No matter how good you feel about the match or how much you love his nerdiness, you still don’t truly know him.

With the mindset that your mind is open to who he is as a person as opposed to what you hope he is or believe him to be right now, you have a much better chance of truly discovering whether you both have true compatibility.

Only with this mindset should you go for it and get to know him.

A mindset of openness without a whole lot of prejudgments and preconceived notions.

Remember that not all nerdy guys are the same.

A notion of how a nerdy guy is or should be in your mind isn’t necessarily what comes to fruition with every nerdy guy you encounter and develop a romantic interest in.

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Though you have noticed he is nerdy and to an extent this has made you believe he is a great match, be open to the possibility that there are elements to his personality that don’t necessarily fit the mold of what one would consider nerdy.

The mistake a lot of people make is when they make a huge assumption of what this nerdy guy must be like as a person simply based on their notion that he is nerdy.

Instantly, they have created an entire personality for him based on how they believe a nerdy guy behaves and what their personalities are like.

Don’t make this mistake.

If your entire reason for regarding him as a great match is based on his nerdiness and what you believe that entails, get rid of that perception right now.

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This isn’t the movies.

A nerdy guy in today’s world isn’t always the guy whose head is stuck in a science fiction book or video game.

Yes, he could enjoy all that, but he could also be politically motivated and be all about the environment or social change.

One day he is immersed in playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, the next day, he is participating in an organized protest on the streets demanding social change for a course he holds dear.

The point is, gone are the days when nerdy guys stayed quiet and played it safe indoors.

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Many nerdy guys today have become a lot more socially conscious and are publicly active in courses and are outspoken about it.

This may or may not be who you are dealing with in this nerdy guy, but be aware that whatever notion you have of him as a nerdy guy could easily be debunked within your first few dates.

If you are so caught up in what you believe a nerdy guy should be like only to discover that he doesn’t fit that mold entirely as you get to know him, premature disappointment is possible and you end up not being able to give the possibility of romance a fighting chance.

As long as you are aware of all this and keep yourself from falling into the trap of what a nerdy guy should be, you should go for it.

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