Why Is A Shy Guy Afraid To Make A Move On A Girl He Likes?

Why Is A Shy Guy Afraid To Make A Move On A Girl He Likes?

A shy guy is constantly in his own head.

The idea of making a move on a girl he likes is bereft with internalized doubt about how the girl responds to him.

His train of thought is consumed with the outcome.

Like a computer algorithm, the shy guy’s brain conducts several iterations of the outcome in making a move on a girl he likes.

What she says and does in multiple iterations is then besought with a bevy of conclusions.

Overwhelmed with so many different iterations of what the outcome of making a move on a girl he likes is destined to produce, his body freezes in place.

It’s like it is stuck in the mud.

The shy guy has gone from considering making a move on a girl to avoiding it.

He is afraid.

The reason for his fear has more to do with his mind going on overdrive than anything the girl herself has done.

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The mind is a powerful tool.

It has the majestic power to build an empire and the uncanny habit of destroying it.

There is a constant push and pull in what the shy guy goes through on a psychological and physiological spectrum.

On the one hand, his mind and body wants to make a move on a girl he likes and talk to her.

On the other hand, his mind overthinks and his body freezes in place.

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His mind is what triggers his fear.

The girl is clueless.

She has done nothing to him but look desirable.

Nevertheless, his mind has constructed a fictional story around this girl in reference to what she does in a scenario where he makes a move on her.

He is no fortune teller.

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What makes him think he has a clue on how this plays out?

His internal insecurity is what does it.

It preempts him to put his guard up and protect himself from the potential of rejection or embarrassment.

For you, it makes no sense.

You haven’t been cruel to him nor given him a single reason to believe that you would reject him.

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Each day you wait with baited breath, hoping he initiates a conversation with you or greets you.

Each day passes with disappointment as you wait to no avail for him to make a move on you.

Short of making a move on him, which you have no intention of doing, you are at a loss for what to do.

Getting a shy guy to make a move on you requires that you put yourself in an environment that is less threatening and intimidating.

The less people around you, the better.

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Though you love having your friends around you, break away from that habit whenever you know he is around.

Be alone.

A shy guy is less intimidated with the prospect of making a move on a girl he likes when she isn’t flanked by friends.

Every chance you get, make eye contact with him and smile.

This comes off as less threatening, giving him the impression that making a move on you would be welcomed and not derided.

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As he repeatedly sees you alone, accompanied with eye contact and a warm smile in his direction, his mind has less of a tendency to go on overdrive, creating negative iterations that don’t exist.

This nudges his body from being stuck in the mud, motivating it to move towards you and initiate a conversation.

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