Falling For Someone Who Was Your Friend Back In High School?

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Falling For Someone Who Was Your Friend Back In High School?

Timing in romance is stubborn.

That high school crush you had who didn’t give you the time of day.

One day they do, but by then you had moved on and was in a relationship with someone else.

Other times, it’s that high school friend who you hung out with from time to time but never told that you had a crush on them.

High school soon ended and you went your separate ways.

Then there are situations where this person was a part of your friend group in high school and there were never any romantic feelings at the time.

But as you have lived life into adulthood and dated many, that friend keeps popping back in your head.

Out of curiosity, you get online to see what they have been up to all these years and what you see grabs your attention.

Steadily, you keep visiting their social media to see what they are up to and soon, you fall for them.

You fall in love with the life they are presenting, believing that you share much in common.

Be careful.

What you see online is what this friend from back in high school wants people to see.

In falling for a representation of what his present life is like, you are blind to his imperfections and flaws.

Does he have anger issues?

Is he a serial cheater?

Does he have a criminal past?

Is it hard for him to hold a job?

You don’t know.

In falling for him, you are putting the cart before the horse and this does you no good.

Take a break from looking at your friend’s life online and ask yourself why you are falling for someone you haven’t had much of a relationship with, if any, since you were friends in high school.

Usually, it has a lot to do with the failures you have had in relationships since high school.

Every time you believed you had landed the right guy for you, the relationship later floundered.

Think about what you thought of your past lovers before you got into a relationship with them.

You thought they represented everything you wanted in a partner.

They were handsome, charming, debonair, adventurous, funny and kind.

What then happened after getting into a relationship with them?

That handsome exterior was exposed as a farce.

An ugliness arose in them that left you in tears on many nights.

His charm gave way to cynicism, again, leaving you in tears on many occasions.

His adventurous spirit subsided into playing video games on the weekends while you sat around disregarded.

His funny jokes segued into jokes at your expense.

You wish you had known this sooner, before falling for the guy and experiencing this predicament.

But you kept doing it, with each guy you consequently dated.

Now, you are single and lonely and here is this guy who used to be your friend in high school whose social media showcases the perfect life.

Are you falling for a false representation once more?

Stop dreaming and face reality.

Without a surefire independent account of what his life has been like since you knew him in high school, what you see him post online has to be disregarded.

Take a few weeks off from looking at his social media.

With the time to clear your head, you just might realize that it isn’t worth it reassuming contact with your friend from your high school days.

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