I’m On My 3rd Date With A Guy But I Feel Like I’ve Started To Run Out Of Things To Say. Should I Keep Dating Him?

I'm On My 3rd Date With A Guy But I Feel Like I've Started To Run Out Of Things To Say. Should I Keep Dating Him?

Getting to a 3rd date means that the both of you have been getting along and even feel some chemistry.

It wouldn’t be prudent to stop dating him based on running out of things to say.

Conversation is really not that difficult if you put out the effort to get better at it.

Use the information he has given you in prior dates about himself to get a better insight into the activities or interests he loves.

Before going out on this 3rd date, think back to the conversations you had with him on the first 2 dates and other conversations you have had in-between.

Learn more about his interests by doing your own independent research into them.

You remember how excited he got on date 1 or date 2 while talking about baseball, football, traveling, cooking, camping, kayaking, hiking, etc.

Take some of these topics and do some independent research about them. Learn more.

On your 3rd date, use the new information you have learned to ask him further questions or provide further knowledge around a particular topic he really enjoyed talking about in prior conversations.

This is how you expand on a previous conversation.

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You don’t always have to come up with new things to say on every new date.

Simply using information you gleaned from him on a previous date and using a future date to expand on some of those topics, after having learned more about said topics on your own time, gives you a lot more to talk about than you realize.

Showing a genuine interest in learning more about something your date loves formulates a closer bond and a better dating experience.

The effort isn’t lost on him.

He appreciates it and feels the need to reciprocate by learning more about what you love on his own time.

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Isn’t this what you want?

A guy who has taken a keen interest in you as a person and what you love doing?

Do the same for him.

Conversation on a date doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

Wracking your brain trying to come up with things to say is never necessary.

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Even if you aren’t too game on putting in the work to learn more about his interests at this juncture, the activity you choose to do on your 3rd date is enough fodder to inspire conversation.

Try doing something different.

Instead of going to yet another bar, coffee shop or restaurant, where you both sit and try to come up with something to talk about, participate in something more interactive.

A competitive game for instance.

Bowling is a popular one.

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The activity itself eases the pressure on having to come up with something to talk about constantly.

The bowling game itself is a topic of conversation.

Even the other people who are bowling are fodder for conversation.

Two strangers on the bowling alley next to yours are arguing over their scores.

Strangers on your other side are so drunk they are barely knocking any balls out.

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Further away, another group of strangers are having a hilarious altercation over whose bowling ball looks the best.

Everyone around you becomes fodder for conversation so that you never have to keep coming up with things to say on your own.

As long as you like him, there is no need to stop dating him simply based on running out of things to say.

To keep conversation on a 3rd date or any future date ever-flowing, either expand on previous topics after having learned more about them on your own time, or use an interactive activity and its environment as your basis.

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