Advice On Keeping A Conversation With A Boy?

Advice On Keeping A Conversation With A Boy?

To keep a conversation going with a boy, remember what he tells you and expand on it in the future.

When he has a proclivity with talking about a particular topic, learn more about that topic on your free time.

The next time you talk to him, bring up that topic and show that you have learned some about it.

Further the questioning by asking him more about it.

In this scenario, you are taking what he has already told you about in a past conversation and expanding on it.

This enables the boy to feel like you were paying attention to what he had to say, and this in turn makes him feel more comfortable elaborating about the particular topic.

This also makes him feel compelled to learn more about something that you like as well and are passionate about.

In essence, he feels the need to return the favor.

This helps in keeping a conversation going with this guy and expanding on it.

To keep a conversation going with a boy, infuse humor into your conversations.

Don’t be afraid to tell a joke, be goofy or just say something funny when you are talking to him.

It could be something that is related to what you have been talking about or it could just be a funny story about something you witnessed or experienced.

The more humor you introduce and infuse into the conversation, the more likely this boy wants to keep the conversation going, knowing it will be fun and thrilling.

You can also find ways to compliment him from time to time as you converse.

Be careful about this.

You don’t want to compliment him too much.

This comes over as you trying too hard or being a little bit desperate at times.

So you do need to moderate it.

Giving him compliments from time to time makes him more open and receptive to you.

It makes him feel good to hear that.

People like knowing that there is something about them that is appealing or desirable.

This allows you to break through to them and appeal to one of their most basic instincts.

The desire to be appreciated or loved for something.

It is human nature.

The more you make him feel good about himself without overdoing it, the more he wants to keep the conversation going, as you are making him feel special.

Also, to keep a conversation going with a boy, you do need to ensure that he knows to some extent that you do have at least some interest in him.

You don’t necessarily have to come right out with telling him how much you like him but you do need to give him a sense that you do desire him in some romantic capacity.

Guys like this, as it gives them a reason to continue the conversation and keep pursuing.

When there is mutual attraction, a guy wants to continue putting out effort in conversation with you, knowing he isn’t wasting his time.


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