Guys – How Do You Feel About Girls Asking You Out?

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Guys - How Do You Feel About Girls Asking You Out?

Most guys would welcome a girl asking him out.

It would be something that may take them by surprise at first but they would ultimately warm up to it and appreciate it.

There is a false notion out there that many girls are told.

They are told that a guy wouldn’t like it if he was asked out by a girl because the guy is the hunter.

They are told to ensure that they never ask a guy out because that would make the guy feel emasculated.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Guys are human too.

Like most human beings, they would love the feeling of being wanted or desired by someone.

This doesn’t mean that he is no longer masculine.

It means that he is a real living human being with human emotions.

Most guys would have no problem with a girl asking them out.

In fact, research has shown that a girl has a much higher likelihood of getting a yes from a guy that she asks out than the other way around.

You have to allow yourself the opportunity to obtain what you want.

If there is a guy out there that you like and you are thinking about asking him out, do it.

We no longer live in the dark ages.

The world we live in today is filled with all kinds of developments that are set up to enable our ability to communicate and date new people.

When you look at the power and reach of social media or technology, you will notice that this is very evident.

When a guy is asked out by a girl, his first thought isn’t about how weird he thinks this girl may be for asking him out.

That is not even a concept in his head.

His first thought would typically be positive.

He may observe you and gauge his level of attraction to you.

Also, he may be intrigued by you due to the fact that this is not the kind of treatment he is used to getting from girls.

This alone could make you special regardless of his level of attraction to you.

He may be so intrigued by what you just did that he would entertain the idea of dating you even though you may not have been the type that he would have initially gone for.

In other words, he is attracted to your confidence.

Yes, guys are attracted to confidence in women as well.

A woman’s confidence can be very appealing.

It can put her on a totally different level with a guy.

He may notice this confidence and just want to be around it.

He simply can’t get enough of it. He just wants the opportunity to get to know this girl who makes him feel like he has found a gem.

You set yourself apart when you ask a guy out.

If you choose, you can be one of a number of frustrated women who waits and waits on the right guy to ask them out to no avail.

These are the women who tend to end up dating the same kind of jerk over and over because those jerks were the only ones who had the courage to ask them out.

These women get into these miserable relationships that go nowhere only to come out even more bitter at themselves and at men in general.

On the flip side, you could choose to be the happy woman who asked the guy out and got the guy of her dreams.

Taking a chance like this may bode well for you.

It gives you a degree of control over your fate as far as romance is concerned.

Who would you rather be?

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