What Happens If I Can’t Find Anyone I Like Before I’m 30?

What Happens If I Can't Find Anyone I Like Before I'm 30?

Clearly, you are having a difficult time finding someone you like romantically.

You know what you like when it comes to who you would want to date.

He has to be good looking and 6 feet tall or more.

He has to have a good career.

He must love his mama.

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That’s all well and good but clearly, you need to go deeper.

You have already seen good looking guys who are 6 feet tall or more when you go out clubbing or even at the gym.

At your workplace alone, you have come across guys with great careers.

Most guys love their mamas.

So, finding a guy who does isn’t going to be like trying to get to the moon.

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No, finding men with these traits isn’t the issue.

When you are worrying about what happens if you can’t find anyone you like before turning 30, there is more going on beneath the surface.

What exactly is holding you back?

Assuming that you are having a robust social life, your inability to find someone you like often has a lot to do with you not being emotionally available to allow a guy into your life.

Yes, I know, it couldn’t possibly be.

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After all, you love watching romantic movies and listening to love songs.

Sometimes, we surround ourselves with elements of love believing that we must be open to love ourselves, when that isn’t actually always the case.

We do this at times to insulate ourselves.

Make ourselves believe that we truly want and are ready for love, when deep down, we really aren’t.

Ask yourself whether you are truly emotionally available.

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This isn’t such a cut and dry question.

You have never believed that you weren’t open to love.

Again, you have surrounded yourself with elements of love.

The thought that you aren’t emotionally available never crossed your mind.

Think about the dates you have been on in the past.

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The guy was sweet.

He took you to a great restaurant.

He communicated with you regularly and kept asking you out.

He certainly met many of your requirements.

6 feet tall and handsome.

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Good career.

He even showed you pictures of his mama, so you know he loved her loads.

Yet, you lost interest.

After date number whatever, you just couldn’t be bothered to take his calls anymore or answer his texts.

Just like the last few guys you dated, this one fizzled out and you were back to square one.

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A series of dates with a series of men who seemingly meet your requirements that end up with you losing interest has a lot to do with you than it does with them.

A lack of emotional availability is a sneaky thing.

At first, you are excited about the guy and believe this could go somewhere.

Then, a few dates later, your interest fizzles out.

It wasn’t something wrong that the guy did.

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It’s just your internal defense mechanism kicking in, letting you know that at this stage in your life, you are incapable of the emotional capacity required to wholeheartedly allow a guy into your life.

Work needs to be done on your internal sense of self.

You are missing something within that isn’t allowing you to give men a chance, even those that meet all you want on paper.

To find what is missing within you, ask yourself about the last time you were truly happy.

What was your life like then?

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What were you doing?

Get back to doing that and living that life.

Somewhere along the way you lost your mojo and you need to get it back if you are going to have a shot at true romance before 30.


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