How Do You Stop Thinking About Someone?

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How Do You Stop Thinking About Someone?

You should start occupying your time by performing other activities.

When you begin to fill your life with other activities, it doesn’t leave you much time to think about this other person.

If you have a passion to learn how to do something, now is the time to make that passion a reality.

If you have always wanted to improve your skills at doing something in particular, now is the time to do it.

If you have always wanted to go on a cruise, do it.

You will have to take a proactive approach to this if you are going to make it work.

A lot of people tend to lie to themselves.

They tell themselves that they truly want to stop thinking about this person and yet all they end up doing all day is exactly the opposite, they keep thinking about this person.

They keep thinking about this person because they are not making any real efforts to stop doing it.

You have to be sincere with yourself.

Do you truly want to stop thinking about this person?

If so, are you absolutely willing to do what it takes to do so?

If the answer is a yes, you can start with occupying your time.

You can take that course in a sport, academics or leisure that you are curious about.

You can figure out what you would like to achieve in your short and long-term future and start taking steps to achieve that goal today.

Another effective way to stop thinking about someone is to try to put yourself around new people.

If you are always around the same people that the both of you happen to know, it will be lot easier for you to remember this person or have this person be brought up as a topic of discussion.

It can be really difficult to stop thinking about someone when you are always around people who are either acquainted with that person or are friends with them.

In order to avoid this as much as possible, try to start meeting new people and making other friends.

Try to start putting yourself around people who don’t know this person as much as possible.

It doesn’t mean that you should end your friendships with mutual friends and acquaintances, it simply means that for now, you are trying to minimize your exposure to them.

Another great way to stop thinking about someone is to take opportunities wherever they may lie when you are asked to help or do something for someone.

If someone asks you to do something with them or for them, do it.

They may want you to come out on a walk with them or help them move.

They may ask you for some kind of favor.

Do it.

The more you allow yourself to take opportunities where someone may be asking for your company or help, the less time you have to spend on your own, thinking about this person.

It will also begin to give you the sense of being useful.

You won’t feel like all you can do is think about this person anymore.

You will feel more like someone who is being indispensable to someone else in need.

This can give you purpose and make you feel better about yourself which in turn leads you to want to do it more.

Before you know it, you are so invested in what you are doing, you are barely thinking about this other person, if at all.

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