How Do You Stop Thinking About Someone You Like And Care About?

A person preoccupies your mind when you spend too much time being idle, not engaging in activity.

How Do You Stop Thinking About Someone You Like And Care About?Counter this idle time by occupying your time with activities that interest you.

When you fill your life with activities, it doesn’t leave you much time to think about this person.

Have you had a passion for something for a while that you have been holding off?

Now is the time to make that passion a reality.

Improve your skills at doing something or have that new experience.

Have you been staving off going on a cruise.

Book a cruise.

Take that kickboxing class.

Go on that ski trip.

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Cultivate that garden in your backyard.

Whatever it is, do it.

Doing this stops you from thinking about this person as much, as the application of these activities preoccupies your mind and body.

Have a proactive approach to this.

Unless you do the work, wishing this person from your mind isn’t feasible.

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People talk about how they want to stop thinking about someone and yet, they do nothing constructive to make this happen.

They are incessantly talking to their friends and family about the person or going to locales where they frequented with this person.

Undisciplined, they watch this person on social media, keeping track of everything the person is doing.

They keep items around their home that remind them of the person.

None of this gets you to stop thinking about someone.

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When you want to stop thinking about someone, you must be ready to do what it takes to accomplish that.

Lip service to it doesn’t do you any good.

You need to be proactive to have any success to this end.

Come up with a plan of what your long and short-term goals are.

Then, get to work accomplishing them.

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Fill that schedule up with those goals.

This doesn’t mean that you must achieve every single goal on your to-do list.

The idea is that a filled schedule is keeping you busy and you never have to guess what you need to be doing on a given day as that time slot has already been filled with a goal or activity.

A full schedule keeps your mind preoccupied, not giving it the room to have thoughts of this person creep into your consciousness.

A fortunate byproduct of doing these new activities is that they expose you to new people.

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Make new friends with the new people who come into your life.

With new people in your life, you are less prone to talking about this person, as these new people have no history with you and this person.

Hanging out with your same old friends the majority of the time leaves you tempted to talk about this person.

Having new people in your life removes that temptation.

It’s exciting making new friends.

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Someone new is sharing stories with you about their life you have never heard before.

As your curiosity builds in learning about these new friends, you are less likely to think about this person.

Between the new activities and new people, there is little room in your mind to think about the person.

One day, you wake up and realize you haven’t thought about this person in weeks.

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