Am I Too Late To Go After Her?

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Am I Too Late To Go After Her?

If she is single and available, it isn’t too late.

Perhaps you feel as though the opportunity has passed you by because you are both not talking to each other as much as you used to.

Understand that this may be the case because you actually never let her know how you felt about her or asked her out.

Hence, she may not be communicating with you as much now because you never ended up truly showing her that you were interested in her.

Many girls are like this.

They may be interested in a guy at first but if he takes too long to ask her out or let her know how he feels about her, she may start losing interest and ultimately move on.

Perhaps you were nervous about going after her at the time.

Perhaps you thought that you didn’t really stand a chance with her.

Maybe you even thought that it would be better to wait until you had absolutely no doubt that she liked you before you would ask her out or make a move.

Whatever the reason, you have now reached a point where you believe that it is too late.

Again, it may not be too late.

If she is still single and available, there may still be a chance. The last thing you should do right now is begin to talk yourself out of this.

You may tell yourself it is too late so often that you actually start believing it.

That’s the side of you that is still hesitant about asking her out or letting her know how you feel about her surfacing.

You don’t want that side of you to dominate your consciousness because it is often what will cause you to avoid doing anything in the end.

Also, something else that you should understand is, you have no idea what she is thinking.

You don’t know if she is sitting in her bedroom right now wondering why you never asked her out in the past.

You don’t know whether she is talking to her friend right now and asking her why you never ended up doing anything with her or making a move on her.

You don’t really know what she is thinking.

She could really be wondering and thereby questioning what may be wrong with her.

One of the biggest mistakes some guys make in your situation is when they decide to be the judge and jury of what the other person may be thinking.

That is a dangerous game because you truly have no idea what she may be thinking.

All you would be doing is filling in the gaps.

Your mind would naturally go to the most disadvantageous outcome as a self-defense mechanism in order to avoid rejection.

So, you shouldn’t be listening to it.

If you are still interested in this girl, this is your time to make that move and ask her out.

You don’t want to look back at this time and regret that you never took the opportunity to ask her out, especially if she is still single as you read this.

Hence, you really do need to take action and ask her out.

Not doing so because you are somehow hoping that you can get even more signs of interest from her would only make you delay to the point where she may ultimately lose interest.


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