Best Friend’s Girlfriend Is Falling For Me?

Best Friend's Girlfriend Is Falling For Me?

If you value your friendship with your best friend, you are better off not encouraging her.

If she tends to flirt with you, you should resist the temptation to flirt back.

If she tends to compliment you, you should resist the temptation to compliment her back.

In other words, if you return any kind of advance she may give you, you will only encourage her to do more of it.

This is an area that can get really confusing very quickly if you aren’t cognizant of what you are doing.

You may initially tell yourself that what she is doing is harmless.

She is dating your best friend after all. She couldn’t possibly have any ulterior motives.

So you play along.

However, as time goes by, you get sucked in without realizing it.

Then one day, you give in.

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You may make a move on her or let her make a move on you.

You both regret it afterward.

You may try to make yourselves feel better by laughing it off or acting like it never happened.

She goes on with her relationship with your best friend.

However, in the back of your mind, you know what you did.

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You may or may not feel guilty about it.

The problem now is, you may still desire her.

Every time you see her with your best friend, you may remember that encounter you had with her and you may begin to feel like your best friend doesn’t deserve her.

You may want another encounter.

You may even find yourself beginning to fall for her.

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All of this came out of light and seemingly innocent flirting.

You see how dangerous this can get?

You are better off not letting it go any further than where it has gone.

You are better off not flirting back or making her feel in anyway that you are responding to what she is doing.

If you were to begin to focus on other activities other than her, you would also be better off.

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You may also be better off hanging out with your best friend when she is not around.

In other words, try not to be in her presence too often.

By all means, avoid hanging out with her alone.

This will only invite temptation.

In essence, you will have to take complete control of how you respond to all of this because you are the only one who is responsible for your actions.

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If you act in a cautious way that avoids putting yourself in situations where you may be tempted to take this further than it should go, she may eventually get the point and stop trying.

However, if you are weak or feel like you have to continue reciprocating the kind of attention she is giving you, you are putting yourself in a position where you may eventually give in.

As I mentioned earlier, you may laugh it off and believe that it will never happen again.

However, once you have done something once, not only can it not be undone but it will be that much easier to do it again.

You may suddenly find yourselves having multiple encounters behind your best friend’s back.

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When your best friend finds out, this could mean the end of your relationship with him.

The crazy thing is, even after losing your best friend to this, you will most likely still not end up with her.

Relationships that start on this kind of deceitful premise rarely last long.

So you end up losing on both counts.

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