How Would You Know If A Girl Has Fallen In Love With You?

When a girl has fallen in love with you, she desires to be with you constantly, whether she is having a good day or bad.

How Would You Know If A Girl Has Fallen In Love With You?Your physical presence is everything to her.

That physical closeness satisfies a bond she shares with you.

When she is not with you physically, maintaining consistent contact with you is a must.

Without your physical presence next to her, she texts and calls you more and quickly replies to your texts.

In her desire to feel good, she fishes for compliments from you.

When a girl has fallen in love with you, she plans for her future and includes you in it.

Everything she says in reference to those future plans comes with a “we.”

She has a deeper emotional bond with you, prompting her to constantly need to know what you are thinking.

What you are thinking keeps her in tune with where you are emotionally.

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It’s reassurance too.

She decries getting the sense you are thinking about another girl.

Her desire is to be your one true love bar none.

She craves you thinking about her.

A girl who has fallen in love needs to touch you and consistently experience that physical connection.

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Telling her that you love her is a must.

Those words matter.

The sound of them is like music in her ears.

She needs to hear you use those words without any prompting from her.

In the same vain, she plays her part in making you feel loved too.

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To fulfill this, she does special favors for you to demonstrate you are special to her.

This is where she helps you fix something about the house despite her preference to keep her hands clean.

She accompanies you to a baseball game albeit her hatred for baseball, or shares time with your friends despite a preference to spend most of these moments alone with you.

This is how she compromises, hoping that by doing this, you observe that her feelings for you are deep.

Once she knows she has fallen in love with you, she is nervous.

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Instead of coming out with it, she uses different methods to discern whether you are in love with her too.

She does this by testing you.

For example, she keeps quiet about an anniversary that is coming up to see whether you remember it on your own and mention it.

She doesn’t ask to hang out over the weekend to see whether you take the initiative and call her to ask her out to do something or hang out with you.

She asks you about little specific details about her life that she has told you about in the past to see whether you remember them.

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She waits to see whether you invite her to meet with your friends and watches how you treat her around them.

Putting her around your friends and treating her like she is someone that matters to you is her indication that you need the world to know about her.

These are some of the tests she uses to determine whether you have fallen in love with her too.

This girl has already told her close friends and close family members she has fallen in love with you before she eventually informs you.

This information slips out in moments where you are socializing with said friends and family members of hers.

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Someone in that mix won’t have the discipline to stay quiet about it.

Then they catch themselves, but it’s too late, you now know.

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