How Would You Know If A Girl Has Fallen In Love With You?

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How Would You Know If A Girl Has Fallen In Love With You?When a girl has fallen in love with you, she would want to be with you as much as possible.

She would want to be in your physical presence. That kind of closeness is necessary because she feels such a bond with you.

When she is not with you physically, she would want to maintain as much contact with you as she possibly can.

You will notice a lot more texts and phone calls from her and quick replies to your texts.

She will often want you to do things with her so that you can keep her company.

She will fish for compliments from you because she wants you to make her feel good.

When a girl has fallen in love with you, she plans her future and includes you in it.

She will want to know what you are thinking.

She wants you to tell her just that.

What you are thinking.

She would want you to desire her more than anyone else.

She would want to be the only person of romantic desire in your world.

A girl who has fallen in love may want to touch you more and feel that physical connection.

She would want you to tell her that you love her.

She would want to hear the words.

She would want you to say those words on your own volition and not just because you are responding to what she said.

When a girl has fallen in love with you, she will want you to feel like you are loved.

She may do favors for you just so that you know that you are special to her.

She may help you fix something even if she would rather not.

She may accompany you to a baseball game even though she hates baseball.

She may put herself around your friends even though she would much rather spend those moments alone with you.

She will compromise and possibly even give a little bit more than she should just to ensure that you understand how deep her feelings are for you.

She may be nervous to tell you that she has fallen in love with you.

You may notice her trying to use different methods to find out if you are in love with her.

She does this by testing you.

She may keep quiet about an anniversary that is coming up just to see if you remember it on your own and mention it.

She may not mention hanging out over the weekend just to see if you take the initiative and call her to ask her out to do something with you.

She may ask you about little specific details about her life that she has told you about in the past just to see if you remember them.

She may refrain from suggesting that she would like to meet with your friends just so that you do it first and by so doing make her feel like she is an important part of your life.

She would test you in a number of ways to ensure that the love she feels for you is mutual.

When a girl has fallen in love with you, she would probably tell her close friends or a close family member before she tells you.

Hence, if you are friends or acquainted with her close friends or family, you may get hints from them about how she feels about you when you engage in conversation with them.

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