Is My Relationship Worth Fighting For?

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Is My Relationship Worth Fighting For?

It really depends on how the both of you have been interacting in your relationship.

In order for a relationship to be worth fighting for, there has to be a lot more pros to the relationship than cons.

You should easily be able to figure this out by simply weighing the pros against the cons.

What about this relationship has given you great joy during its duration and what about it hasn’t?

Which outweighs which?

Even better, what can you tolerate the most?

Are there cons that you can tolerate simply because the pros are far more powerful and needful than those cons?

This is one way to figure out if your relationship is worth fighting for.

Another great way to figure out if your relationship is worth fighting for is to judge whether the both of you are on the same path.

Does it feel like the both of you are headed towards the same direction?

Do you both share common interests or at least feel like you both want to follow a similar path that leads towards your bliss?

Your bliss could be a number of things.

It could be improving and enjoying the relationships that you have outside of your romance.

These could be relationships with friends, acquaintances, work colleagues and family.

Your bliss could be simply attaining some kind of personal or professional goal.

Do you feel like the both of you are on the same level of desire and support for each other’s goals?

You both really need to be at that similar trajectory and to some degree, level of energy.

If there is a fork in your intentions, there is going to be trouble down the road.

Your goals don’t have to be identical but your partner does have to support you in them.

How do you feel about this?

Are you on a similar path to your bliss?

A bliss that you both will share along the way.

Another helpful way to tell if this relationship is worth fighting for is to assess just how this person makes you feel on a daily basis.

Do they make you feel good?

Do you feel good when you think about them or do you tend to cringe?

Perhaps you cringe because you remember the last argument you both had that ended unresolved.

Perhaps you cringe because you are dreading what will happen this evening when you try to address a problem that you know they simply don’t want to listen to.

There could be a multitude of reasons why you may cringe or feel uneasy.

These feelings cannot be ignored. There is a reason why you feel them.

If these feelings are by far the dominant emotion whenever you think about your partner or you are around them, this relationship may not be worth fighting for.

Oftentimes, this is our subconscious self, a part of us that we unfortunately tend to ignore often, telling us that there is something wrong with our relationship.

Listen to this voice.

This voice can be very intuitive and tends to have tapped into a part of you that isn’t always at the forefront.

This voice may be your subconscious and your subconscious tends to be the most informed part of your mind when it comes to making the right kind of judgments.

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