How Long Is Too Long To Wait For A Proposal And What Does He Want?

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How Long Is Too Long To Wait For A Proposal And What Does He Want?It is too long to wait for a proposal when you feel that this is all you think about from day to day and have yet to take any action.

He may also want marriage but may be delaying simply because he isn’t sure if this is what you want.

The worst thing you can do is simply allow each other to play guesswork.

No matter how well the both of you have connected mentally and emotionally as romantic partners, neither one of you can read minds.

You may have dropped some hints at him from time to time.

He may never have noticed them.

On the other hand, you may have done no such thing as you simply believe that when it’s time, well, it’s time.

However, he hasn’t proposed.

You should think back to the conversations that you have had with him in the past.

Were there moments when you both talked about marriage?

Has he always seemed open to the idea of marriage?

Does he have several friends who are married and does he still hang out with them or not?

If he does, he may be open to the idea.

If he doesn’t, he may not be.

In the end, the problem here could simply be that neither one of you is quite sure how to broach the subject in an honest manner.

You shouldn’t be afraid to do this.

If you have both been together for some time, it is very important at this juncture in your relationship to know where the other person is coming from.

You should know where the other party wants to go in the relationship.

It is crucial to know this so that you can determine whether you are both on the same page and want the same out of your relationship.

The last thing you should do is allow a relationship to drag on hoping for a particular outcome that may actually never come.

You just can’t leave things up to chance.

Your best option is to have a talk about where you both want the relationship to go and what you both aspire to become in the future within the context of the relationship.

You both need to be clear about where you are headed, otherwise, you both may be wasting each other’s time.

That doesn’t help anyone.

He may have known about where he wants the relationship to go for a while now but may be unsure of where you want it to go.

He then decides to avoid saying anything to you because he may worry that if he were to say what he wanted, he would be acting too presumptuous. Hence, he just plays it safe.

The thing is, the both of you may actually want the same thing.

You just have to talk about things in an earnest manner.

As long as neither one is made to feel as though they should be feeling a particular way about the relationship by now, there is a good chance that he will at least be honest with you as far as what he ultimately wants from this relationship.

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