Your Boyfriend’s Dog Died

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Your Boyfriend's Dog Died

Your boyfriend would naturally be very upset that his beloved dog died.

If he had a really close relationship with this dog, it would be even harder for him to deal with the loss.

You may not know how to approach this, wondering if you should give him words of comfort and try being there for him every step of the way.

Your best option in this scenario is to just be there for him if that is what he wants.

He may not need you to tell him much or even hold him.

He just wants someone he can talk to about it.

Someone he loves and trusts.

He may not need you to tell him much of anything but just wants you to listen.

Your boyfriend may also deal with the loss of his dog in another way.

He becomes distant and closed off, communicating less and even cutting your conversations short.

He stops hanging out or going out on dates with you like he used to.

He cancels a future date that you both had planned.

This can be very confusing for you.

You may look at this behavior as unnecessary and you may get upset.

When you get upset, you further exacerbate the situation as your boyfriend becomes even more emotionally traumatized.

If your boyfriend starts dealing with the grief of losing his dog by cutting back on his daily interaction with you, don’t take it personally.

This is just how he is dealing with it. Guys deal with grief differently than girls do.

They tend to internalize their emotions.

Whereas a girl would verbally express how the incident has affected her, a guy may say nothing or very little.

Instead, he chooses to deal with his grief internally.

This means that he may not communicate as much with you or want to do things with you.

You should let him have this moment.

He would appreciate you for this in the future.

Try not to call him incessantly to find out why he has been avoiding communicating with you.

Leave him be at this time.

He is dealing with his grief in his own way.

This is not a permanent fixture.

Some guys may need a few days to a week to handle this and come to terms with their loss.

You should give your boyfriend this kind of space.

Try not to pressure him to see you at this time.

Try not to make him feel guilty for not paying you any attention at this time.

He will be back to normal once he has had his time to grieve for his dog.

You can start occupying your time by hanging out with your friends or getting involved in activities.

This will help keep you from constantly calling or texting him.

If you were to constantly call or text, you wouldn’t be giving him the space that he needs.

If he chooses to call you from time to time, try not to keep reminding him about the dog’s death.

If he chooses to bring the dog up as a topic of discussion, so be it.

If he doesn’t, just let the conversation go wherever it chooses to.

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2 thoughts on “Your Boyfriend’s Dog Died”

  1. We weren’t on very good terms before his dog died anyway, but we we’re okay,planning when we we’re going to meet up. Then in the morning when the dog went to be put down, he was blunt and short. Didn’t want to talk at all, even when I was comforting him he seemed rude, I told him I loved him and to let me know what was happening and that’s when he found out the dog was being put down. Then I told him I knew how much she meant and I was so sorry and he ignored me. A few hours later I said ‘I hope you’re okay’ and he said ‘thanks’ , I thought it was kind of rude and distant and it really upset me. I didn’t reply, but 10 minutes later he told me ‘Sorry if I come across as short but I hope you understand for the next few days or so I really aren’t going be in the mood to talk’ ,I’m literally heart broken, I feel like it’s just an excuse to not speak to me and it’s just before my exams. I love him more than anything but can’t help feeling like he doesn’t want to be with me/doesn’t love me anymore. Literally couldn’t imagine life without him, I don’t want this to make him not want to be with me, so I said I understood, loved him and was there for him and he ignored me. I am literally torn at the thought of not speaking , incase it leads to something more. I do not want to lose this boy ,love of my life

  2. Hi Ellie,

    You are just going to have to give him some time to grieve.

    The more you try to communicate with him, the more you will push him away.

    Take a step back and give him a few days to a week of space.

    Let him be the one to contact you the next time around.

    He will appreciate you for it and will most likely be in a much better mood at that point.

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