She Cancelled The Second Date. What To Do?

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She Cancelled The Second Date. What To Do?If she didn’t give you a specific day that she would be available again as an alternative, she is most likely not interested in you.

You wonder why this happened. After all, your first date seemed to go so well and there was so much promise for an even better second date.

This does happen a lot more often than you may realize.

A first date may seem to go totally well.

You may have gotten along splendidly with her.

You may have laughed, found similarities and the conversation may have been very easy going.

Based on all of this, you assume that a second date is forthcoming.

She agrees to the second date.

You may even have conversations with her during this time to build even more rapport with her.

The conversation continues to flow with ease and she truly sounds like she is really interested. However, the day of the date approaches and she suddenly cancels on you.

She cancels on you without giving you another day that she would be available as an option.

She does this because she is not into you.

She may never have really been into you.

Sure, you had great conversations with her and had fun on your first date but that honestly doesn’t guarantee anything.

Oftentimes, a girl may have a lot of fun with the guy but won’t necessarily feel any chemistry with him.

She may continue interacting with him in order to be civil.

She doesn’t want to brush him off.

She doesn’t want to put herself in that position.

So she plays along.

She seems interested.

She seems like she would be game for more. However, she knows that she just isn’t feeling it.

She knows that all of this is being forced.

She may try to tell herself that there may be something more or the possibility of it.

Perhaps she tries to see if the conversations get better.

She tries to look for moments where there is a real spark as she interacts with you during the course of the week.

Those moments don’t happen.

Now, the second date is coming up and she realizes that no chemistry has happened.

She still feels as empty as she did on the first date.

She comes up with an excuse and cancels the date without providing an alternative date to meet because she doesn’t want another date.

She wants to move on to someone else and hopes you get the picture.

I know this can be hard to accept.

Unfortunately, there are lots of girls who cancel on dates.

Sometimes those cancellations are valid and other times, they aren’t.

The best way to know that the cancellation was valid and she is truly interested in you is if she actually lets you know about when next she will be available.

If you notice that she is really making an effort to set up another date for another time, she is still interested in you.

However, if she is not making any kind of attempt to do this or is being very lackadaisical about it, she is hoping that you get the point and refrain from asking her out on any further dates.

When you are open enough to understand and accept this, it will be easier for you to move on with your life and find someone who is truly interested in you.

Your romantic life can still go on in a positive way.

You just need to understand that oftentimes this experience of interacting with someone who cancels a date can be part of the process of dating.

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3 thoughts on “She Cancelled The Second Date. What To Do?”

  1. She said she was tired, and proposed the next day, but the next day we have a reunion (both are going). and she mentioned “oh but tomorrow is the reunion” so im not really sure.

  2. Hi Adrian,

    Well, she realized that the next day would be the reunion and yet she still didn’t recommend another day that you could have the date.

    That isn’t a good sign.

    If she was truly interested in a second date, the moment she realized that the next day would be the reunion, she would have suggested another day.

  3. We went on a first date and im really interested in her, but she has now canceled twice for future dates. One for a valid reason and one for an invalid reason. Should I confront her and ask if she’s still interested in me?

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