I Love Her But Don’t Know If She Loves Me Or Not?

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I Love Her But Don't Know If She Loves Me Or Not?

She may love you too.

However, you really have to try not to focus so much on whether she loves you or not.

This is particularly important when your relationship with her is relatively new or is only a few months old.

You should apply the majority of your focus on building a strong bond and connection with her.

The more you are able to connect with her and meet her emotional needs, the more likely she will fall in love with you, if she hasn’t already.

The key here is that you really need to be consistent with your actions.

Some people in relationships make the mistake of not being consistent in their actions.

They communicate sporadically.

They forget to give compliments.

They stop going on dates.

They stop being as affectionate.

In essence, they become complacent.

They just think that being that they are already in a relationship, their job is done.

Well, this is the wrong attitude to have and this is what often leads to relationships never meeting their full potential.

You should ensure that you never get complacent in your behavior and in how you treat this relationship.

The moment she begins to feel as though she is just someone in your life that you have taken for granted is the moment that she starts feeling as though she isn’t special to you or important.

Once she starts feeling this way, she will begin to feel a lot less emotionally fulfilled in this relationship.

You don’t want her to be in this position.

Once she begins to feel less emotionally fulfilled in this relationship, she is a lot less likely to fall in love with you.

This is why it is so important that you are consistent with your actions and you never take her for granted.

You should communicate on a regular basis and show affection on a regular basis.

You should compliment her on a regular basis and date her on a regular basis.

None of these responsibilities go away simply because you are now in a relationship with her.

If anything, this is when you should be doing these a whole lot more than when you were both just dating.

Maintaining a relationship is more challenging than mere dating.

So you have to really be clear about this.

Your best shot at getting her to love you is when you give her a sense of security in the relationship.

She can only get a sense of security in the relationship when she has seen a consistency in your behavior.

She has seen you consistently communicate and be affectionate. She has seen you consistently support her emotionally.

It is when she has seen this from you on a regular and consistent basis that she begins to feel that she can begin to let her guard down and allow herself to fall in love with you.

Hence, her sense of security is what gets her to fall in love with you over time.

Thereby, as long as you are consistent in your behavior, you won’t have to worry about whether she loves you or not.

At some point, she will tell you that she is.

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