Is He Trying To Put Me Off Him?

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Is He Trying To Put Me Off Him?He may be trying to the best of his ability to gauge how much you are truly into him.

If he told you some things recently that made you feel like he was trying to put you off him, he may have been testing you.

He may not entirely be certain of just how far your feelings for him go. He may have an idea but isn’t entirely certain.

If you have been with him for a few months now, he would be more likely to try something like this.

Test you.

He has been with you long enough to begin to wonder if this is a relationship that can actually go the distance.

After a handful of months, he may start wondering how you would react if you were to see more of his personality.

He may not be entirely secure in the hope that you would be accepting of the rest of his personality or even his way of life.

He wants to determine if you would be.

He starts by telling you something or doing something that may be off putting.

He starts to do this in little doses because he doesn’t want to overwhelm you.

However, he does want to gauge how you respond.

Some guys will do this after a few months of dating a girl because they are now wondering if this relationship can truly be long-lasting.

In order for them to be assured that it is, they may start trying to show you new facets to their personality or their life.

They are not too sure about these facets. They don’t necessarily believe that these facets are complimentary.

They start trying to show you some of them little by little.

He is not necessarily trying to put you off.

He is simply beginning to open himself up.

He wants you to start looking at him as more of a real person who does have idiosyncrasies and flaws.

He normally starts trying to show you this after the first three months or so of the relationship.

This is what he may be doing.

He may be truly looking at this relationship as something that has the possibility of lasting a long time and he may want to begin showing you parts of him that may not be that appealing.

You may also notice that he acts nervous from time to time.

He may not be as gregarious as he once was. This is typically because he may have a lot on his mind.

He may not know just how well you are taking what he is doing.

A part of him may want to ask you about your feelings but the other part may be fearful of knowing.

He acts slightly distant and anxious.

He may come off as abrasive to you at times.

However, a lot of what he is doing is internalizing his worry and anxiety.

There may be a part of him that really wants this relationship to work out but isn’t quite confident that it can.

His outward behavior may become more and more awkward as he keeps trying to piece together what he is really feeling or where he may want this interaction with you to go.

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