How Many Times Should You Take Back The One You Love?

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How Many Times Should You Take Back The One You Love?You should ask yourself why you would keep doing this.

Oftentimes, people find it hard to let go. Their love for the person has blinded them to the reality of their situation.

They keep telling themselves that things will be better this time around and that their love for this person will conquer any obstacles that arise.

However, love can only take you so far.

If you keep finding yourself in this position, you may want to consider letting this relationship go.

There is a reason why you are constantly finding yourself in this position.

It is not about how much love you have to give.

It is not about how much this person may love you.

Love is only a part of a relationship.

There are other facets that have to come together for your relationship to be truly viable and functional.

You can’t keep looking at your love for this person as the only reason why this relationship could have a chance.

Taking this person back over and over again has not and will not solve the problem.

You have to look at this with the right frame of mind and a clear head.

It can be easy to allow yourself to fall for the excuse of using love to reunite with this person over and over again.

It sounds romantic and hopeful.

However, the problems in your relationship go a lot further than just love.

There are some truly fundamental problems in your relationship with this person.

How often have you tried to figure out what these problems are with this person that you love?

How often have you worked on these problems together?

How often have you tried to come up with new solutions when what you tried initially didn’t work out?

These are all very important questions to ask yourself.

If you don’t ask them, you will continue making the same mistake.

If you keep taking this person back without addressing and working on the fundamental problems in this relationship, you will fail.

Everything may be fine at first. It may feel like you are finally on path toward a sustained and better relationship.

However, like it always does, that problem will present itself again in the relationship sooner or later.

What do you think happens then?

You think the relationship will survive simply because you love this person?


You need to honestly make a real effort to figure out what these issues are and how you will go about fixing them before you even think about taking this person back.

Your primary objective shouldn’t be to fulfill an emotional need.

In your case, that emotional need could be one of desiring love.

Instead, your primary objective should be that you will not allow yourself to continue this endless cycle of failure.

You will need to ask yourself about what you really want.

What would you want to happen for you in your love life?

Where do you see yourself a year or so from now?

Where would you want to be?

Can you honestly see this person as part of that future?

If you are being honest with yourself, you may realize that you don’t.

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2 thoughts on “How Many Times Should You Take Back The One You Love?”

  1. Did it four times .and he gave me money everytime,to help with bills fixed my car watched movie a with me .it always last about a week or two then disappear s with out a word. Why does he do this and I still love him but Will not do it again I’m emotionally scared. and depressed.

  2. Hi Drb,

    He probably does it because he wants to make sure that he doesn’t lose you entirely.

    There are some guys who would rather have a number of girls that they know they can always go back to. They don’t really want anything serious.

    They just want to keep that girl or girls as options.

    They know that every so often they will need someone to talk to or someone that will make them feel loved.

    If you have decided not to do it again, you will have to be serious about it.

    When he is ready to come back temporarily, it will be tempting to let him back in.

    He does do favors for you as well and he may try to use that to entice you.

    You will have to be prepared fo this and ensure that you don’t give in again.

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