Do People Who Set Off To Find “The One” And Only The One Ever Find It?

Do People Who Set Off To Find "The One" And Only The One Ever Find It?

Some people who set off to find “the one” do find it.

Some people don’t.

What you need to understand is that the term, “the one” could mean something totally different for you at different points in time.

This is why it is so crucial that you understand the danger of labeling anyone “the one.”

You see, if you were to label a person by this term, you are essentially stating that this person is the one who meets your needs in just about every sense forever and ever.

Well, this may be true for the stage of life in which you are currently in.

However, you could be at a totally different stage a year to ten years or more from now.

Hence, you will change.

Your mindset will change.

Your emotional needs will change.

This is all so important to understand because this is where so many people fail.

When you are so focused on finding the one that meets the needs that you have now, you forget that your needs may change in the near to distant future.

What happens then?

If your needs change, what use is this person?

They are no longer giving you what you need because what you need has changed.

Are they still “the one” at this point?


Hence, my point here is to be very careful about labeling anyone, “the one.”

In fact, you are better off not putting any labels on anyone.

Instead, focus on being with someone that you know is adaptable to change and a willing participant in it.

They have to be open minded in that sense and be game.

When you stick to that one person that is too rigid and only capable of meeting your needs today, they may be unwilling or unable to change as time passes and your needs change.

So, do some people find “the one” when they set off to find them?


However, can their needs totally change in the future thereby rendering the person that they once believed to be “the one” useless?


Simply understand that as a human being, you are ever changing.

You are ever changing in both a physical and emotional sense.

The best person for you is a person who is willing to accept change and adapt.

Your minds have to be on that kind of level if you hope to make this last forever.

Your mindset should never be to apply labels on someone.

The danger of doing that is that you will put yourself and the person that you are with in a box.

Unfortunately, with time, that box will begin to get smaller and smaller as your needs change.

Eventually, it will be unable to contain you.

Now what?

You are stuck with someone that doesn’t get you anymore.

You are stuck with someone that can’t understand where your heart and mind are.

They are still stuck in the past.

They are still trying to appeal to the “you” of old.

That “you” of old is gone.

This is what you really have to think about when you begin this line of thinking about finding “the one.”

The more you avoid putting labels on anyone and understand the inevitability of change, the more likely you are to find the best possible person for you.

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