Is This Girl Using Me Or Is She Into Me As A Dating Prospect?

A girl who is using you doesn’t care to know more about you, preferring you do her favors that solely benefit her.

Is This Girl Using Me Or Is She Into Me As A Dating Prospect?These are favors she asks for and rarely reciprocates.

Pay attention to your instincts.

A bad feeling is a sign something is not right.

When was the last time this girl talked to you and asked you good probing questions about yourself, or met up with you to have a fun time together?

A girl who spends little quality time with you, and when she does, it is rapidly followed by her asking you for a favor, is a girl who is using you.

Think about what you have been contributing to this relationship.

How much effort have you put into helping her when she needed it or made yourself available when she needed you?

How many times have you had her in mind hoping that she was thinking of you, but knowing somewhere in the back of your mind that she probably wasn’t?

How often have you asked her friends about her as opposed to her asking your friends about you?

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How often do you call her and hear her voicemail in return, instead of her voice?

How quickly does she respond to your texts and phone calls?

Does she take her time to do so?

Does she respond to them at all until you have sent her several?

Ask yourself these questions and answer them sincerely.

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Many a time, the answer is right in front of us but we refuse to acknowledge it.

Your instincts are your best guide in a situation like this.

A girl who is into you, wants to get to know you better.

She makes the time to hang out with you, regardless of how busy or tired she is.

She talks about you to her friends and colleagues.

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She is excited about your phone calls and texts and returns them promptly.

A girl who is into you wants to be around you and impress you.

She doesn’t want to ask you for favors that she never reciprocates.

She takes a genuine interest in your interests, wanting to learn more about them and partake in some of them.

A girl who is into you gives you the right body language.

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She touches you gently from time to time and makes a lot of eye contact.

She gets closer to you or leans into you so that she breaks that personal space barrier that most people have when they are around strangers.

She gives you compliments and wants you to compliment her.

A girl who is into you gives you the right signs.

A girl who is using you doesn’t care about you.

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Any time she is kind to you or hangs out with you, it comes with a price, as she is quickly following that up with requesting a favor.

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