Is This Girl Using Me Or Is She Into Me?

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Is This Girl Using Me Or Is She Into Me?

This girl is using you when she doesn’t care about knowing more about you but would rather you helped her with certain things that only matter to her.

If you notice that she tends to ask for favors but never or very rarely reciprocates, she may be using you.

You have to start paying attention to your instincts.

If they are a certain way, there is a good chance that it is for good reason.

When was the last time this girl talked to you about yourself?

When was the last time she agreed to meet up with you and just have a fun time together?

When was the last time she asked you about your hopes and dreams?

If she rarely or never has these incidents, she may be using you.

Think about what you have been contributing to this relationship.

How much effort have you put into helping her when she needed it?

How often have you made yourself available when she needed you?

How many times have you had her in mind always hoping that she was thinking of you but knowing somewhere in the back of your mind that she probably wasn’t?

How often have you asked her friends about her as opposed to her asking your friends about you?

How often do you try to initiate conversation with her and only get a machine telling you to leave a message?

How quickly does she respond to your texts and phone calls?

Does she take her time to do so?

Does she even respond to them at all until you have sent her several?

You need to ask yourself all these questions and be willing to answer them honestly.

Oftentimes, the answer is right in front of us but we refuse to acknowledge it.

Your instincts are honestly your best guide in a situation like this.

If a girl were truly into you, she would want to get to know you better.

She would make out the time to hang out with you.

She would talk about you to her friends and colleagues.

She would be excited about your phone calls and texts and would return them promptly.

A girl who is into you would want to be around you and impress you in some way.

She wouldn’t simply want to ask you for favors that she never reciprocates.

She would take a genuine interest in your interests.

She may want to learn more about them and even partake in some of them.

A girl who is into you will give you the right kind of body language.

She will touch you gently from time to time and make lots of eye contact.

She would get closer to you or even lean into you just so that she breaks that personal space barrier that most people have when they are around strangers.

She may give you compliments.

She may try to get you to compliment her.

A girl who is into you would give you the right signs.

A girl who is using you would not care about you or how she makes you feel.

Her motives will almost always be about making herself happy and getting something she wants out of you and nothing more.

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