How Can I Ask If He Is Actually Interested Or Just Being Polite?

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How Can I Ask If He Is Actually Interested Or Just Being Polite?

Just let him know how you feel about him and see his response.

You don’t have to elaborate.

You don’t have to go into details.

In fact, the shorter the better.

Say enough to convey the message that you are interested and let him respond.

You should be okay with doing this because it saves you time and a whole lot of mental gymnastics.

A lot of people procrastinate.

Instead of letting the person of interest know how they feel about them, they hope that this person somehow comes around.

They may try to drop hints from time to time that go unnoticed or try to be around that person as much as they can in order to get that person’s attention.

All of this only leads to more disappointment because you are simply not getting through to that person.

The best and clearest way to do this is to be real and honest with your intentions.

This person may be totally open to dating you if you allowed him the opportunity to know that you are interested.

To figure out if he is just being polite, you can observe how he treats you compared to other girls.

Does he tend to treat you with the same kind of attention or does he do a little more?

A guy who is just being polite would typically act the same way with every girl.

He would talk to them in the same way. He would have the same body language mannerisms.

He would spend about the same amount of time with each girl.

In other words, he doesn’t do anything different with any particular girl.

He just acts like they are all one and the same.

He is actually interested when he is very engaged with a girl and tends to treat her differently than he does the rest.

He may look at her more often.

He may smile at her more often.

He may try to get more physically close to her than the norm.

He may give her a lot more compliments than he does the other girls.

These are all signs that he may actually be interested in the girl.

He would try to spend as much time as he could around her.

He would spend a lot more time around her than he would the other girls.

He need not be saying anything in those moments.

As long as he is physically within her vicinity, he may hang around for a little bit longer than usual.

If you have noticed that his treatment of you is somewhat different than his treatment of the other girls, he may actually be interested in you.

However, as I mentioned earlier, your most effective approach is to cast doubt completely out of the equation and just let him know how you feel about him.

Again, you don’t have to elaborate and be specific.

You can simply let him know that you are interested.

This leaves no doubt.

This keeps you from having to constantly guess every time you see him.

This saves you from the seemingly endless mental gymnastics of deciphering whether he is actually interested in you or not.

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